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Headlamp cleaning systems are a must for xenon headlamps and also offer a significant advantage for other headlamps. Thanks to such a cleaning system, completely dirty headlights are a thing of the past and the driver can always rely on the good brightness of the headlights. Provided that the headlamp cleaning systems are optimally installed and work perfectly. By the way, there is more about headlights in our large overview "Headlights from halogen to LED to xenon - an indispensable companion"!

Retrofitting a cleaning system - why?

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Anyone with his car Xenon pig launchers would like to equip, usually also needs a headlight cleaning system. However, there are vehicles that have installed such a system in combination with simple halogen headlights. The specialist dealers of various types of car often even offer retrofitting options and explain in detail what needs to be considered when retrofitting xenon headlights. As a rule, the seller will make an offer that includes all the necessary elements for retrofitting xenon headlights and the headlight cleaning system.

The price can, however, be disproportionately high and tuning workshops could possibly offer a cheaper price. If you are a tuning enthusiast who does not necessarily want to use a headlight cleaning system in combination with xenon headlights, but would like to equip "normal" headlights with them, you will find countless videos for self-installation on YouTube & Co. and have the option of matching article sets in the To order from specialist retailers. The installation on your own should only be carried out with specialist knowledge.

Pay even more attention to Xenon headlights

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Who common 35 watt xenon headlights who want to retrofit not only need a headlight cleaning system. It may be necessary to either change the entire front apron or at least edit it for the installation. Finally, the spray nozzles have to be screwed on and if it is to be the chic version with retractable nozzles, a corresponding recess has to be cut out. Furthermore is a automatic regulation the headlight range required for xenon headlights. When retrofitting, there are therefore a few things to consider that should be explained in more detail by a tuning expert or the knowledgeable employees of an authorized workshop. In case of doubt, the retrofitting of the essential elements should be carried out by an authorized workshop or a tuning workshop.

Tip: 25 watt xenon variant without SRA

But if you only want to retrofit the headlight cleaning system and do not want to install xenon headlights, you can buy a headlight cleaning system set from specialist retailers. The sets are available as retrofit kits and can even be purchased in universal versions. A set usually consists of the washing water tank, the spray nozzles, PVC hoses for water transport and a 12-volt pump as well as some small items. The windshield washer system set can be purchased with a convenient 1,4 liter tank, for example.

Of course, it must be clarified beforehand whether the tank can even be installed for reasons of space. The 12 volt pump can connected to the circuit of the vehiclen be. When buying the set, attention should be paid to compact dimensions (197 mm x 128 mm x 105 mm, for example). The tank should be big enough. The PVC hose should also be long enough and not under tension. Variants with 1,7 m hose are available. The hose can often be shortened as required. The hose usually also includes a pressure switch, as well as the appropriate bracket and wiring. By the way, the cover cap of the SRA can also be modified!

Headlight cleaning system - what to look for?

The headlight cleaning system should work properly after installation. It is therefore important to purchase a variant that is suitable for the type of vehicle when installing it yourself. Furthermore, the system should be able to be connected to the circuit of the car. Customer reviews can help you find the right item. The information and legal requirements in paragraph 50 of the StVZO must be observed and observed if the xenon light is also to move in.

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