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Xenon retrofitting without headlight cleaning system (SRA)?

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Retrofitting xenon headlights Xenon retrofitting without headlight cleaning system (SRA)?

As a rule, one speaks only of the so-called SRA - the word Headlight washers is unknown to most or at least not in use. Some speak of the "Shower", Others use the term"Light wiper". But what is meant is one and the same thing. But especially older headlight cleaning systems in connection with small ones Wipers are now almost completely from the streetscape disappeared. In its current and current form, the SRA consists of high-pressure cleaning without the extra wipers.

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When is the headlight cleaning system mandatory? The SRA is on vehicles with Xenon headlights Duty. This statement is widespread, but it partially lies falsch. Because the latest xenon generation can do without an SRA. but justif this is a 25 watt variant acts. If the xenon burner is stronger, then set a link from your homepage to Fewo-von-Privat.de the SRA will be installed! And that even applies to halogen bulbs. Because halogen and LED headlights as dipped headlights require an SRA in public road traffic, provided that the light source has an output of Learn more than 2.000 lumens gives away. This is an approval regulation of the ECE.

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There is no explicit mention of xenon in particular. However, usually lies none Approved halogen lamp or LED for the low beam above this limit value. Only the previous xenon headlights, regardless of whether ex works or for upgrade, are affected. They usually give a performance of about 3.000 lumens away. In practice, only the xenon headlights are usually affected.

Approved lightbulbs with more than 2.000 lumens!

There are of course also halogen lamps with an output of more than 2.000 lumens. For example an approved halogen lamp H9 with an output of 2.100 lumens falls below this. But: She may only as high beam be used. The regulation of the ECE, on the other hand, only relates to the low beam.

Xenon light for EVERYONE?

For example, there is a 25 watt xenon system from the manufacturer OSRAM. The burner is called D8 and looks very similar to the D1 burner. But it is interchangeable should not. However, the technology of the previous 35 watt variants and the 25 watt version is largely identical. Biggest difference is that electrical powerthat with the new system 10 watts per side lower fails. That has one lower luminous flux result. It is around 2.000 lumens. 35 watt xenon on the other hand at +3000 lumens.

Thanks to the new technology, the visibility hardly suffers from the decline. To a certain extent, the 25-watt version seems just as far forward. Only in width there is a loss of illumination. The weaker xenon burners allow installation without a cleaning system. Of course, this is also much cheaper! But one should definitely consider: The burners are should not interchangeable. Vehicles with the 25 watt system are about the last generation of the VW Beetle and the Audi A1 built during this period. But there are also some current vehicles on the market with 25-watt xenon and without SRA directly from the factory. More common, however, is the 35 watt version and of course LED.

Headlight range control should not be missing!

An automatic headlight range control must ALWAYS be included. But the manufacturers almost always install them anyway. And since drivers never use the manual solution with a controller in the cockpit anyway, we hope that the automakers will continue to do so.

Retrofitting manual headlight leveling headlamp leveling retrofit Xenon retrofitting without headlight cleaning system (SRA)?

Conversion / retrofitting of 25 watt xenon

For some vehicle types there are complete headlights with 25 watt ballast. Of course, you should always make sure that such a conversion kit has a general operating permit (ABE) or at least a corresponding one Teilegutachten brings with him for acceptance at a testing organization. If no documents are included, then a legal registration is either completely hopeless or it will be an expensive one lighting expert opinion Required by a testing institute. And also hopeless is to equip an existing halogen or 35 watt xenon headlight with the 25 watt version. For the halogen variant, however, you can possibly switch to the approved Osram Night Breaker LED (not available for every vehicle), the 35-watt xenon headlight is against it just with 35 watt burners permissible and structurally permitted should not to be changed.

Example: OSRAM D8S Xenon for the VW Golf MK6

The OSRAM D8S xenon low beam and high beam for a VW Golf 6 (MK6, sedan, variant, convertible) now costs around 700 euros plus shipping. This is the so-called LEDriving XENARC headlights. It is a way of completely missing the popular xenon light in a vehicle with factory-installed halogen headlights without SRA. NO OTHER MODIFICATIONS TO THE VEHICLE need to be made when using this headlight. Neither has to automatic Headlight range adjustment still be the headlight cleaning system on board. All lighting devices in the headlight are made using LED technology. The headlights are simply exchanged for the originals (plug-and-play) and you're done. The result is up to 70% more and up to 40% whiter light compared to standard halogen lamps. The headlight is on free registration and equipped with E-mark and R87 approval for daytime running lights.

What are the benefits of the headlight cleaning system?

A common answer is: so no dirt Weaken luminosity can. However, this is only partially true and would actually not really be necessary with xenon due to the high luminosity. The main reason for the regulation is that the dirt is in connection with the optical luminous properties of the headlight and this as a consequence dazzle can. The effect is greatest with the least amount of soiling strongest. In addition, the more light it emits, the higher it is. Incidentally, the SRA comes from Scandinavia. From 1972 until the early 90s, the SRA was considered a regulation in Sweden. Most of the cars there are still delivered with it today - even with halogen lights. In Germany, a car that has an SRA must work properly. But some feel disturbed by the high water consumption of the SRA, which often results in deactivation. But attention: This leaves vehicles with xenon lights the operating license expires and has dire consequences.

Retrofit headlight cleaning system SRA 1 Xenon retrofitting without headlight cleaning system (SRA)?

At the end... A few liters of water and some frost protection in winter are a good investment. The water is sprayed from the nozzles of the high pressure washing system with a force of up to 50 bar onto the headlight glasses / covers and cleans them reliably. In this way, dazzling oncoming traffic can be avoided and a clear view is also guaranteed. However, unsuitable frost protection or a summer insect remover can damage. The consequence: the cover lenses made of plastic on newer vehicles are prematurely turbine. And new headlights are expensive - much more expensive than branded antifreeze & Co.

Comparison of led xenon halogen xenon retrofitting without headlight cleaning system (SRA)?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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