Winter is coming! Now retrofit a seat heater

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Retrofitting seat heating Tuning experiences Winter is coming! Retrofit a seat heater now

A seat heating can be always retrofitting - regardless of the model series and the age of the vehicle. The only question is how much money should be invested. The possible variant of seat heating depends on this.

Retrofitting seat heating: several options

Retrofitting seat heating Tuning experiences2 Winter is coming! Retrofit a seat heater now

There are several options for retrofitting a seat heater. Therefore, in addition to the comfort and difficulty of installation, the costs also play a role. These are certainly to be considered in an older vehicle with a manageable remaining life. A complex retrofitting rarely makes sense here. But it may be worthwhile to use simple aids such as editions. In a newer vehicle, however, the replacement of the seat or its editing can be very useful. All modern automakers carry model series with heated car seats. If the seats are not heatable due to the price range, there are the corresponding accessories for technical retrofitting. There are basically the following types of seat heaters available:

  • outer seat pad
  • Exchange of the seat
  • Incorporation of heated seat mats in the existing cover

Mercedes Benz X Class W470 Yachting Carlex Tuning 19 Winter is Coming! Now retrofit a seat heater

Editions are a very simple, inexpensive option. Only the wiring looks a bit unsightly. The mats are operated via the cigarette lighter. Technically very elaborate is the incorporation of heatable carbon or metal fibers in the existing seat. However, it leaves the professional impression the best impression and is not as expensive as the replacement of the entire seat against a heated variant. This definitely costs a lot of money if brand new manufacturer's product is used. However, it can give such a seat also needed from a scrapping.

Professional retrofitting of the seat heating

You can buy a pad, place it on the seat and wire it to the cigarette lighter. The insertion of heating fibers (heating mats) in the cover and also the replacement of a complete seat, however, require specialist knowledge, you should have it carried out in the workshop. The biggest problem is the side airbags in the seat, if they are present. When inserting a heating mat, they must not be covered by it, because otherwise they lose their functionality. This leads to an electronic error message, the car can no longer pass through the HU - not to mention the limited security. Replacing a seat is also better done in a specialist workshop. In addition to the necessary skills, the right tools are also required. Ps. Even one Seat ventilation is available for retrofitting and whoever wants can also massage the back!

Summary information on heated seats / heated seat covers:

  • the simplest variant is: Seat heating with heated seat pads retrofit
  • Heating mats are already available for under 20 Euro (usually between 25 and 50 euros.)
  • Installation usually only takes a few minutes (Many of the pads are attached to the seat with click fasteners, hooks or rubbers, plug the 12 volt plug into the cigarette lighter, switch on, done)
  • What should one pay attention to?
    - the support should not be too narrow (it must fit well in the car seat)
    - a leather cover is recommended
    - the seat pad should not stay cold at the edges
    - the support should reach more than 25-30 degrees
    - The heating mats should heat up quickly and distribute the heat evenly
    - Good workmanship and comfortable upholstery (if possible with lumbar support) should be available
    - The rubbers for fastening may the side airbag should not impair
    - the seat cover should have different heating levels
  • What do you need to consider with a car?
    - The mat (s) pulls strongly on the car battery and costs additional energy
    - the distance traveled should be sufficient to recharge the battery (if necessary, connect the battery to a charger every now and then)
    - If the 12-volt socket is live even when the ignition is switched off, the mat must be deactivated manually, otherwise there is a risk of battery death

Seat heating from the accessories to hang on


  • Price-performance
  • mounting
  • no workshop visit
  • protects the seat

  • cables lying around
  • blocking
    cigarette lighter
  • Quality

Retrofitting with original parts

  • most visually appealing shape
  • Seat heating is integrated into the usual operating elements
  • In addition to heating mats, a new cable harness, control unit and operating elements are often required
  • Material costs are around 200 to 850 euros
  • Installation time around two to four hours
  • Finally, seat heating often has to be taught in or coded
  • Labor costs of around 150 to 400 euros
  • Total costs around 400 to 1.200 euros

  • Retrofitting OEM parts
  • clean integration
  • Increase in resale

  • higher material costs
  • Workshop visit in
    usually required

Universal retrofit kit - third party supplier

  • Cheaper than retrofitting with OEM parts
  • Material costs around 80 to 450 euros
  • Set should have at least three control levels
  • For installation, the seat cover must be down
  • Carbon heating mats can be flexibly cut and glued
  • Connection to the vehicle's electrical system
  • Switch integration usually in the center console (no cables / switches lying around)
  • Workload 3 to 5 hours / labor costs around 200 to 600 euros.
  • Total costs around 300 to 1.000 euros.

  • Cheaper than OEM
  • Possible for almost all series
  • Clean integration

  • Workshop visit
  • not always suitable

Carlex Design Europe Jeep Wrangler Interior Tuning 2018 9 Winter is coming! Now retrofit a seat heater

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