ADAC: Home remedies are not a good alternative for scratches in the paintwork!

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Paintwork scratches on cars can occur in a number of ways. Rain, hail or dirt can be to blame. Bird droppings and bugs also leave their mark on the car. All of this is responsible for the fact that small or even large-scale damage can occur to the paintwork. After a while, the car no longer shines as much and looks duller overall than when it was bought new. Luckily, a thorough polish can usually restore the car to its former glory. If there are paint scratches, some people try to remove them themselves and turn to the internet for tips and tricks. Many websites then allegedly call good home remedies. But the German Automobile Club (ADAC) warns against placing blind trust in such recommendations. In some cases, things can get even worse.

do not use home remedies

Scratch toothpaste repair

A popular tip is said to be toothpaste or nail polish. The ADAC advises against this ab. With toothpaste one should allegedly repair the affected paint damage again "smooth grinding" be able. But that's nonsense. Toothpaste is proven to help with car scratches will not. If the abrasive particles in the toothpaste are too coarse, this can even result in additional damage in the worst case. Furthermore, toothpaste also does not have the properties scratches permanent to seal. The home remedy is best suited for cleaning the headlights or Rims. nail polish is also a bad idea. You first have to find the exact identical shade, which is next to impossible. In addition, the durability of the nail polish is short-lived. At high temperatures, the nail polish also tends to crumble.

The advises the ADAC in case of scratches

A good Car polish is in the opinion of the ADAC still the best remedy for minor scratches. It contains small color particles that can even out the unevenness. The polish can do what toothpaste cannot. Furthermore, the ADAC recommends special repair kits, which usually contain two different polishes as well as abrasive cloth and polishing cloths. paint markers also get a good rating. They can also be used to repair larger scratches. In contrast to nail polish, you can also find the right color thanks to the matching color code. But first you have to clean the affected area thoroughly. Then you put a drop from the touch-up pen on a rubber spatula, which is included in the delivery, and you can then work on the scratch.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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