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More US rims in Germany? JP performance is on!

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Strasse Wheels SV1 Bentley Continental GT Tuning 13 More US rims in Germany? JP Performance is on!

The difference between the USA and Germany is enormous, especially in the tuning area. While in Germany tuning quickly as one almost a criminal act There are no limits to tuning fans in the USA. Regardless of whether tinted windows in front, Spinner rims, top nuts or crazy bodykits, which USA and the topic of tuning just belong together. Many tuning parts that make the hearts of European tuning fans beat faster come mostly from the USA. But although many Germans would like to have these parts on their cars, the expensive one represents Import and the individual acceptance a big inhibition threshold. At the beginning of 2017 JP-Performance succeeded with the introduction of the rim brand Rotiform the breakthrough on the German market. Since then, the rims of the well-known US manufacturer can easily be purchased with the corresponding certificate and service be acquired.

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Now Jean Pierre Kraemer, the founder of JP performance, but also establish other rim brands from the USA on the German market. Kraemer announced this by means of a video message which was sent on January 20, 2021, under the title "JP Performance - gangster slippers for the SUV! | Ford Explorer" has been published. In the video, various rim manufacturers that are sold by American suppliers were presented. The community should now vote on which rims are to be distributed by JP-Performance in the future. The JP by the statement implies that he is purely theoretical any brand of rim could bring to the German market, led to lively interest within the community.

So which rim brands from the USA could soon be available in Germany?

If Kraemer has its way, German tuning fans will soon be able to buy rims from companies like OE Creations, OTR, US Mag, ATX, American Force, DUB, Foose, Fuel, Helo, KMC or KMC Powersports, MSA, Motegi Racing, American Racing, Asanti, Moto Metal, Niche or XD Wheels buy directly in Germany. The whole Effort and costs, which arise from the import and sale of American rims in Germany, should also pay off economically for JP, as he himself confirms in the video. When the project will be implemented and which brands will ultimately be available remains to be seen.

Aston Martin Vantage ADV.1 Wheels Rims Tuning 6 More US rims in Germany? JP Performance is on!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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