What does the term JSpec actually mean in the scene?

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Mazda RX 7 FD JDM Tuning 3 What does the term JSpec actually mean in the scene?

J-Spec and JDM are terms that are often mentioned in the same context. J-Spec denotes Japanese Spec - OEM and JDM refers to Japanese Domestic Market as "Aftermarket". J-Spec describes original OEM parts from Japan, which can be from Honda, Toyota, Nissan or other manufacturers. JDM is mentioned in connection with the tuning of Japanese vehicles.

J-Spec - OEM parts from Japan

Honda Jazz Stickerbomb JDM Tuning 6 What does the term JSpec actually mean in the scene?

Japanese OEM parts are identified by the term J-Spec and are available from various specialist dealers. J-Spec stands for Japanese Spec and is usually used for original automotive parts from Japan that are also used in Japan. The OEM parts are available from Nissan, Toyota or Honda, for example, and are also sold abroad through dealers. When buying, you should definitely pay attention to reputable sources. J-Spec parts should only be obtained from reputable companies and legally exported abroad or imported from Japan. There are some articles on the subject of J-Spec on the Internet. When looking for specialist dealers for J-Spec parts, tuning enthusiasts should turn to a reputable tuning workshop. The workshop can know reputable specialist dealers from the J-Spec area.

JDM - tuning and more

Rocket Bunnys Nissan Silvia V2 Boss Widebody JDM USDM 5 What does the term JSpec actually mean in the scene?

JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market and is often used in connection with vehicle tuning. JDM-Tuning has been known since the Fast and Furios films at the latest and usually describes the tuning of Japanese vehicles. JDM tuning is often performed on Japanese vehicles such as a Nissan Skyline or a Toyota Supra. Tuning fans can be inspired by the versatile JDM tuning variants. The tuning of Japanese vehicles is characterized, for example, by turbo optimization, large rear wings, boost pressure increases and visually attractive paintwork. JDM tuning vehicles should stand out visually. Of course, the vehicles should also be technically perfect and optimally tuned. J-Spec and JDM are often used as terms for Japanese tuning parts. For example, when someone asks about the cool look of an automotive part of a JDM-tuned vehicle, they often talk about J-Spec parts and not mention JDM tuning.

JDM tuning with original Japanese vehicle parts and original Japanese vehicles can often be seen on the driver's side. Vehicles from the JDM area that are used on the European continent are often right-hand drive. This means that the driver's side is on the right and not, as with us, on the left side of the vehicle. This is due to the left-hand traffic that prevails in Japan. Usually JDM tuning vehicles are not on Left-hand drive convertedbecause the effort is considerable. This means that JDM cars are usually only available with right-hand drive. The JDM scene is very large in Japan and England. England also has left-hand traffic, which is why right-hand drive is also common there. Before buying JDM vehicles, it should be clarified whether there are any problems with local registration with a right-hand drive. An entry in the vehicle registration document that it is a right-hand drive vehicle is necessary. It is advisable to inquire about the registration requirements for JDM vehicles before purchasing and tuning a JDM vehicle.

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20th JDM factory tuning Honda S2000 Roadster Bodykit What does the term JSpec actually mean in the scene?

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