What you should pay attention to when buying jump start devices!

The car battery can be discharged, especially after a few cold nights in a row. Short-term remedies create so-called Jump Starter Booster. A weak battery can cause the car not to start in the morning, especially in winter. A jump start booster can be used in addition to the conventional jump starter be used. According to information from Auto Club Europe (ACE) the devices work similar to a Mobile phone power bank. To connect them to the car battery, appropriate jam included. A second car is therefore not required, and there are also no sparks or voltage spikes when connecting, according to the ACE.

Follow the operating instructions step by step

How it works: Be sure to follow the instructions that describe each step in detail. the red clamp will to the positive pole and the black clamp at Negative pole connected. Then check again whether the terminals are correctly connected. Start the engine after about five minutes and quickly detach the booster with the engine running. Important: To ensure the functionality (the loading capacity) of the booster, the ACE recommends getting it not in a cold vehicle to leave.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a jump start booster

According to ACE, protection against short circuits is crucial. When the booster is on, the binding posts should be free do not touch. And there are devices that can detect if the connections are accidental are incorrectly connected. After that, they don't even turn on. In addition, the booster for the vehicle must be strong enough. That is why the manufacturers often give the maximum displacement on. A flashlight function and a USB port that can be used to charge smartphones, computers and other devices are among the useful features.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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