XXL show effect: the metal flake paintwork for the vehicle!

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Metal Flake painting Design painting Glitter Flake XXL Show effect: the Metal Flake painting for the vehicle!

At a Metal flake paint it is a coating with a varnish in which shiny metallic particles are mixed. These particles are so-called effect pigments. These particles are larger and have a greater brilliance than the particles in normal metallic paintwork. The type of paint is often used in the surface design of cars and motorcycles. But also with some Musical instruments and in Fingernail polish such pigments may be present. In the 19th century, the process of embedded metal plates in the lacquer was used by artists in Japan. These artists have mixed in silver and gold flakes. This procedure is under the name Hirameji famous.

The technique of processing

Metal Flake painting Design painting Glitter Flake 3 e1634212970904 XXL show effect: the Metal Flake painting for the vehicle!

In contrast to conventional painting, the Metal flake paint as a Design paint viewed. This is mainly used on vehicles. The process of painting a metal flake is more complicated than that of RAL colors. RAL colors are paints that are marked with an identification code, the RAL number. This means that these can be produced again and again in the mixing systems. Before painting, the surface must be cleaned and roughened. If necessary, it must also be leveled and filled. In addition, the surface to be painted must primed will. In the case of a standard paintwork, the basecoat (1K) can then be applied. This can be a plain-colored or a metallic paint. This lacquer is then sealed with a clear lacquer. The clear lacquer gives the lacquer durability and brilliance. If a 2K basecoat is used, sealing with a clearcoat is no longer necessary.

different: the metal flake paintwork

With the exception of the preparatory work and the basecoat, metal flake paintwork differs from the standard paintwork. Similar to a metallic paintwork, shiny particles are added to the paintwork and mixed with a metal flake paintwork. With a metal flake coating, these particles are larger and have a greater brilliance. In the case of metallic paintwork, the particles have a size in the range of Micrometers. A metal flake coating is a "metal flake", which is a few in size Millimeters exhibit. These micro-flakes are often available in sizes S (small), M (medium), L (large) and Big flakes specified. This allows you to determine the size of the flakes and the density of the paint itself. The density of the paint is determined by the amount and distribution of the flakes in the paint.

no general instructions available

Metal Flake painting Design painting Glitter Flake 6 e1634213178478 XXL show effect: the Metal Flake painting for the vehicle!

Instructions or a data sheet for applying the flakes is available unavailable. In most cases, the flakes are mixed into the clear coat and then applied with a spray gun. The spray gun has a coarse nozzle for application. With this type of application, the desired effect is available, but this is only used very slightly. Another method is to sprinkle the flakes. Here, the flakes are applied to a painted surface that has not yet dried, scattered. The result of this method is in many cases very uneven and is difficult to coordinate. With round parts or parts that are not straight and flat, this method is almost impossible. The larger the flakes and the more of them are needed, the more layers of clearcoat are needed. In some cases, the layers of paint even have to be used in between be sanded. The flakes can be purchased in many different colors, but ready-made mixtures can also be purchased. Different colored effects can be achieved through the choice of color of the basecoat.

The application of the paintwork

A metal flake painting of a complete area can be found especially in the Automotive area. Small flakes are used in this area, as the effort and costs would increase considerably in relation to the size of the area. Large flakes are used in the painting of motorcycle tanks and fairings. Variations can also be used. This is about the "candy painting" or the airbrush process. The so-called candy varnish is a transparent colored glaze varnish, which is supposed to tint the surface in color. Here, small areas are masked and shaded.

Metal Flake painting Design painting Glitter Flake 7 e1634213548292 XXL show effect: the Metal Flake painting for the vehicle!

The surfaces can also be provided with a pattern, which is also called a pattern. These can be fish scales, ornaments or a cube pattern, for example. In addition, hand lines, which are called pinstripes, or hand-painted lettering can also be applied. The hand-painted fonts are also called lettering. This type of paint job isn't just used on vehicles, too Musical instruments, utensils and fingernails belong to the area of ​​application of metal flake paintwork. This painting is also used by artists. The artist John Chamberlain occasionally uses these lacquers in his sculptures.

Metal Flake painting Design painting Glitter Flake 8 XXL Show effect: the Metal Flake painting for the vehicle!

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  1. Thank you for this contribution to the metal flake painting of cars. It is interesting that in most cases the flakes are mixed into the clear coat and then applied with the spray gun. I want to creatively repaint my car and I recently came across this technology, so I wanted to find out more.

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