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More range in the electric car with self-heating batteries!

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E Charging the car range refueling the self-heating battery More range in the electric car with self-heating batteries!

A so-called Self-heating battery aims to increase the range of electric cars erhöhen. The battery was developed by Pennsylvania State University. The battery consists of Iron phosphate and is also special durable. The range of is also impressive 400 kilometers in combination with the low charging time of only ten minutes. The reason for this is one Self-heating technologywith the help of which the battery has a optimal operating temperature to ensure. Chao-Yang Wang, professor of chemical engineering, materials science, and engineering, says the battery be pretty clever and would be particularly suitable for the mass market of electric cars - and that with "Cost parity with combustion vehicles". Equally impressive is the battery life with incredible 3,2 million kilometersgiven by Wang and colleagues. With the help of the self-heating technology, the battery can fill up relatively quickly 60 degrees Celsius heat, which is the perfect temperature to load and unload.

Self-heating batteries as a solution for short ranges?

E Car range recharge refuel recharge More range in the electric car with self-heating batteries!

This is made possible by a thin foil made of nickelwhich heats up quickly under current and thus heats up the inner workings of the battery. Wang indicates that for the manufacture of the battery relative cheap materials such as Electrodes, lithium iron phosphate, graphite and electrolytes can be used, which underlines the suitability for the mass market. With the help of technology, the range of electric cars can be greatly increased. According to Wang, the battery has a capacity of 40 KWh and 300 KW Power. This could allow an electric car to sprint from 0 to 100 in just three seconds carry out. With the help of the technology, anyone could afford an electric car, which would not only be reserved for buyers of luxury cars!

  • The newly developed rechargeable battery for electric vehicles can be charged within 10 minutes
  • requires permanent operation of the battery at 60 degrees
  • LEP battery is a type of lithium battery with a space-saving arrangement of the batteries (elongated battery cells are not modules, but battery packs)
  • Costs are supposedly the same as for vehicles with internal combustion engines
  • The battery has a thin nickel foil between the battery cells
  • Even in light frost, the film reaches 60 degrees Celsius within a minute (this means that it can be charged to 9,4 percent in 80 minutes)

Source: Chao-Yang Wang's lab, Penn State / dpa

Install the wallbox yourself Promotion 2 More range in the electric car with self-heating batteries!

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