Tuning Information: OBD Chiptuning vs.. BDM chip tuning

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OBD Chiptuning vs. BDM Chiptuning Tuning Information: OBD Chiptuning vs.. BDM chip tuning

A chip tuning is an increase in performance or consumption optimization of the car engine by interfering with the software. Especially the consumption optimization can be very useful for older models. OBD Chiptuning and BDM Chiptuning are currently the most commonly used chiptuning methods.

OBD chip tuning

OBD Chiptuning tuningblog Tuning Information: OBD Chiptuning Vs. BDM chip tuning

OBD stands for On board diagnosis, On board is English and means on board, With the OBD Chiptuning the appropriate software is read out over the diagnostic interface of your car and the program parts, which are to be changed, are overwritten with the new software. There is usually no removal of parts and no change to the hardware. Everything remains original and damage to parts or errors during replacement are therefore almost impossible. The implementation is faster and easier than when BDM chip tuning. However, you cannot do it yourself at home, as a special readout device is necessary and you have to be very knowledgeable if you want to intervene in the programming of a car engine. In addition, of course, you also need a corresponding device to "Describe". After all, it was no coincidence that the manufacturer chose the basic settings, and it was supposed to Improvement of the software can have bad consequences in another area. Also, OBD chip tuning can not be done on every model. In vehicles from the year 2000 and with turbocharger or compressor, but it is almost always possible. Your experienced car tuner in the workshop can tell you whether it is possible with your car or not.

BDM chip tuning

Tuning Information: OBD Chiptuning vs. BDM Chiptuning tuningblog BDM chip tuning

BDM stands for Background Debug Mode. That too is English. Background means background. So it's something that's supposed to stay in the background and you should not normally see it. Debug or debugging is troubleshooting and mode is called mode. After all, so it is in the Background Debug Mode is a program that is already intended by the manufacturer to make changes to troubleshooting. However, it is not so easy to approach as to the diagnostic interface in OBD chip tuning. For BDM chip tuning, the engine control unit has to be removed and an interface used in it to read and overwrite the data. This is more expensive than using the diagnostic interface, but can be done on almost all models and uses the manufacturer's own programming path. However, these changes also require great expertise and may only be performed by an experienced professional. Especially the opening of the control part is risky which of course also applies to the then to be done programming.

The selection of the right provider

OBD BDM Chiptuning Vendor tuningblog Tuning Information: OBD Chiptuning Vs. BDM chip tuning

As an intervention in the performance of your engine, chip tuning requires a lot of specialist knowledge for safety reasons alone. You cannot simply make such changes yourself; you have to have them made by a professional. It is different with a tuning box that is clamped BEFORE the control unit. This can almost always be attached by the layperson using the plug & play method. However, it is not as effective as chip tuning using BDM or OBD. In any case, before placing the order, make sure that the provider you have chosen can give you the relevant parts certificates after the tuning. You need this in order to be able to adapt the registration certificate of your car to the additional power. Without this adjustment, your car will lose its operating license and you will no longer be allowed to drive it on the road. Then all the tuning would be pointless and the money would be free. Ps. What actually happens if you add a tuning box to a vehicle that is already equipped with OBD chip tuning? We thought about it!

OBD BDM Chiptuning Vendor tuningblog2 Tuning Information: OBD Chiptuning Vs. BDM chip tuning

Of course that had not happened yet!

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