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Test report: OBDeleven NextGen PRO VAG diagnostic tool!

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OBDeleven NextGen PRO VAG diagnostic tool 3 test report: OBDeleven NextGen PRO VAG diagnostic tool!


After we got in Year 2018 the OBDeleven vehicle diagnostics were allowed to undergo a test, it is now again about OBDeleven. In 2019 they announced a new variant under the hashtag #NextGenOBDeleven which has been available for some time. Curtain up on that OBDeleven NextGen PRO VAG diagnostic toolthat of course we tried again. The popular tool is now said to have 18 times the computing power of its predecessor and convinces with a completely new design. And the OBDeleven Pro OBD II also showed in our test that it is always a good idea to have an OBD scanner. Especially if you have a VAG vehicle (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat) calls his own. Because the diagnostic tool is brand-specific. Although the dongle (adapter) can be connected to any OBD2 port on the car, the extensive functions can only be used with VAG vehicles.

OBDeleven NextGen PRO diagnostic tool - buy here!

OBDeleven NextGen PRO VAG diagnostic tool 1 test report: OBDeleven NextGen PRO VAG diagnostic tool!

And the new model can now be used with an Android smartphone, a tablet and iOS. Of course, the new version of the VCI is also equipped with a Bluetooth interface. The data is transferred from the car to the smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth technology integrated in the connector. All diagnostic data read out are saved on the respective mobile device. The diagnostic software and the specific vehicle data are, however, stored on a so-called cloud server on the World Wide Web. Therefore, a stable internet connection is also important. This is the only way vehicle diagnostics can work. Our supplied tool in the professional version enables the reading of extended control unit information and live data, and control unit coding and adjustments can be made. Basic settings, final control diagnosis, control unit backup and logging of all changes to the vehicle programming are also possible.

OBDeleven NextGen PRO VAG diagnostic tool 2 test report: OBDeleven NextGen PRO VAG diagnostic tool!

So if a service reset, EPB release, an oil service reset, a DRL reset or even a new battery are to be learned, then the OBDeleven is exactly right. And not only that. It can do a lot more and, for example, also monitor oil pressure, activate the convenience indicator or tell the convenience control unit that the windows should be opened and closed with the key from now on. In our video below we made a short comparison with the established VCDS system and found that our function test with the OBDeleven Pro could be carried out completely identically. Neither in the analyzed error file nor with regard to various far-reaching interventions were there any disadvantages or nonexistent functions. In our opinion, OBDeleven is particularly recommended for private use.

Functions can be used with “one-click apps”

Although many functions can only be used by means of so-called “one-click apps” by purchasing paid credits, the ease of use definitely compensates for this. And inexperienced users should also use the “one-click apps” to code their vehicle. And since you don't have to make various settings on the car every day, the small additional fee is also bearable. Functions that are required for professional use in workshops, such as throttle valve adjustment, steering angle adjustment, etc., are also available. In the video, however, we show cannot detailed how to make changes and coding on the control unit. On the one hand, explains that the app is unmistakable and, on the other hand, we want to prevent possible defects due to incorrect use through our video. The various menu items in the app explain which changes / settings are possible on your own car, and there are countless lists circulating on the internet for specific functional changes. It is best to have a look at our video.

OBDeleven NextGen PRO VAG diagnostic tool:

  • OBD scanner for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda or Seat (currently for vehicles from 1991 to 2018)
  • is connected to the vehicle's OBD2 port
  • works with Android smartphones, tablets and iOS devices via Bluetooth (Bluetooth connection can be used within a radius of approx. 10 meters)
  • comes with constantly evolving free software and with regular updates
  • Functions: adjustments, long coding, live data, service functions such as oil service reset, DRL reset, service reset, EPB release, BEM reset, registering the battery, oil pressure monitoring, activating comfort indicators, activating comfort windows, deactivating seat belt detectors, etc.
  • Features are usually one-click apps that can be used by purchasing paid credits
  • Credits can be bought or obtained by opening the app.
  • Codes are available for all available systems including engine, ABS, airbag, transmission air conditioning, multimedia
  • there is also a kind of library with definitions of the error codes. The explanation can be found directly in the app.

OBDeleven NextGen PRO VAG diagnostic tool 1 test report: OBDeleven NextGen PRO VAG diagnostic tool!

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