Classic engine tuning? Then with sports camshaft

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Sport Camshaft Tuning Classic Engine Tuning? Then with sports camshaft

If you want to tune your car, there are many ways to do it. If you're interested in getting your car to perform better than the production model, then you need to look at the engine and its components. By incorporating new parts designed to enhance performance, you can expect better sound, better acceleration, and often a higher V. Max. looking forward. An important component is the Camshaft, This is part of the mechanical engine control and can be easily replaced by a sport camshaft.

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What is the difference between a sports camshaft and a normal camshaft?

The series parts are designed for everyday traffic. A standard model guarantees that you will maintain a high average speed on highways without any problems. It ensures that the engine speed is as low as possible, so that there is relief. This increases the lifespan of the drive. The loads on the shaft itself are also low. A sports camshaft, on the other hand, ensures higher engine speeds, which increase engine performance. An idle at which this value drops is no longer possible. The sport camshafts have a longer and wider opening of the valves, which is why several intake valves are mostly open at the same time. The technical term for this is "valve overlap". The cylinders are therefore easier to fill, which is why the efficiency of the drive increases if you decide to install a sports camshaft.

What kind of sports camshaft is suitable for road traffic?

Sport Camshaft double Tuning e1538735137541 Classic engine tuning? Then with sports camshaftWhen buying a sport camshaft, you must take into account that the TÜV this decreases, Only then may you take your car on the road. A sports camshaft, which is stable at idle and whose exhaust quality is low even at part load, is the best choice. Sport camshafts with a small valve lift are particularly suitable for this purpose. For 2 valve motors, top dead center must not exceed 2,3 mm. If an 4 valve motor is installed, a valve lift of 1,5 mm is the safest option. If it is an 4 valve motor with hydraulic compensation, the standard value is 1,1 mm. If you use an 2 valve motor with this specification, 1,9 mm must not be exceeded. Only in this way is a safe idle with stable speeds in the lower range possible.

Which sports camshafts are suitable for racing?

Sports camshafts with a larger opening angle are necessary here. This can further improve performance. Higher top speeds result from why the car is competitive on the track. You must take into account that cars that have been converted in this way are not approved for road use. In any case, you should always ask whether a adjustable sprocket must be installed. This is usually the case!

Sports Camshafts Racing Tuning Classic Engine Tuning? Then with sports camshaft
Sports camshaft from racing

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