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Perfectly lubricated - the surge barrier for the oil pan!

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Oil plane surge barrier baffle tuning e1579072542139 Perfectly lubricated the surge barrier for the oil pan!

If you want to tune your car, you can of course not only optimize the engine with regard to more power or design the interior / exterior individually. There are other ways to make the tuned car run smoothly. After all, the best performance increase is of no use if the engine gives up after a few kilometers. And to ensure permanent operation, there are modifications such as an improved one Cooling, one compaction reduction and also a special one sump may be necessary. And there is even an upgrade for the oil pan. So-called oil planes or surge barriers are available in the trade, which keep the oil away from the crankshaft circuit and can either be retrofitted or are already available with an upgrade oil pan. What should be considered when buying the oil slicer is explained below.

Barrier barrier for the vehicle

Oil plane surge barrier baffle tuning 3 Perfectly lubricated the surge barrier for the oil pan!

A surge barrier or an oil slicer is commercially available as a tuning component. The surge barrier also acts as an oil pan seal and is therefore normally installed between the engine block and the oil pan. Due to a surge barrier, no oil gets into the crankshaft circuit from the oil pan. The oil is not pumped on. This means that foaming is prevented. Oil can be foamed from the crankshaft without a surge barrier. And with an oil slicer, the oil pressure does not drop even when there is high lateral acceleration. The oil is calmed in the oil pan by the oil slicer or by the surge barrier and does not spill around.

Oil slicer / surge barrier - what to look for when buying?

Oil plane surge barrier baffle tuning 4 Perfectly lubricated the surge barrier for the oil pan!

When buying a surge barrier, attention should be paid to the exact type specifications. The vehicle components are specified for certain engines, which is exactly stated in the product descriptions. If the engine type fits, then an article (oil block / surge barrier) should be purchased that is made of robust materials. Qualitative oil planes are made of aluminum, for example. If you want to do a proper tuning of the engine and want to buy an aluminum oil slicer, you should also consider an aluminum oil pan to optimize the engine. In addition to the material, the thickness or thickness of the oil slicer is also noteworthy. For example, there are oil planes for 0,9 liter to 1,3 liter VW engines that are 3 millimeters thick. If necessary, which fit is the right one can be clarified in a tuning workshop or in a tuning forum.

What is needed for assembly?

The assembly of the oil slicer must be carried out professionally. It is advisable to commission a specialist workshop or a tuning workshop with the installation. The assembly also requires, for example, qualitative silicone sealing compound. The required silicone sealant and the other automotive components should come from well-known dealers and manufacturers. The items must have already proven themselves, which is why it is advisable to always read the customer reviews before buying motor vehicle components.

Oil plow / surge barrier for the vehicle - conclusion

An oil slicer is particularly useful for high lateral accelerations. Lateral acceleration means fast cornering, for example with a drift car, When cornering fast, the oil from the when can get into the crankshaft circuit. The oil is then foamed and the oil pump cannot suck in enough oil. The oil pressure drops! An oil slicer or surge barrier prevents the oil from getting into the crankshaft circuit and the oil is also no longer foamed. The oil pressure remains stable even at high corner accelerations. The oil plane or surge barrier must be installed between the oil pan and the engine block.

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