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The towing device - mandatory on every vehicle!

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Tow bar Vehicle bar Tow rope tuning e1604601437389 The towing device is compulsory on every vehicle!

The tow away is generally not entirely harmless for both vehicles. We have therefore dealt with the topic with the contribution "Towing the car right? This is how it's done!“Already busy extensively. But there is such a thing Towing device on the vehicle at all mandatory? Let's go into that now! Especially the vehicle, which towed often has not a good look on the traffic. This is deliberately offset with the ex works towing prevented. The driver of the rear vehicle has one better look on traffic because the positioning of the eyelet allows that one left-wing on the towing vehicle drop by can. this will offset driving called. But the important thing is correct positioning the towing eye on both vehicles. While she is at the towing vehicle left-leaning must be attached, is the positioning of the towed vehicle right-leaning makes sense. That too depends on how far you move to the right and left field of view greater.

Cars moved, traction means straight

have the car towed away costs driver's license The towing device is compulsory on every vehicle!

The tow rope or the Stange can with offset driving held straight will. The overview plays a particularly important role. If you have already Braking situation recognizes, the driver of the towed vehicle can accordingly react faster and so is the traffic safety when driving staggered better given. Towing eyes on the vehicle are part of the in Germany Gesetz according to StVZO § 43 "Devices for connecting vehicles". It also states that the device is for towing must be present - in fact fore at the vehicle. The tow bar or the tow rope requires a corresponding eyeletto be attached. This eyelet must fore sit. exceptions are Forklift or self-propelled Working machinesin which this device also behind can be attached. In the German-speaking neighboring countries Austria and the Switzerland Incidentally, this is regulated in a similar way.

in summary - correct towing device

  • Vehicles with more than one axle have fore always a Towing device show.
  • Is one in the papers towable listed, you even need it behind a corresponding device.
  • Towing devices are allowed cannot with fixed tuning parts such as various Race grids locked and firmly covered .
  • Access to the device must always be guaranteed. The grid can be easily and quickly Remove, is this sufficient.

Vehicle from official competitions

Towing loop Towing hook Towing eye Tuning 4 e1563339612536 The towing device is mandatory on every vehicle!

Even if we are from official competitions have vehicles that run out take part, special regulations. And loud FIA standard. The equipment is accordingly equipped with a rear, but also one front towing necessary that recognizable must be. Recognizable means that this with signal colors who. red, orange or yellow must be identified. Here you should contact the organizer according to the rules inquire.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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