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Vehicle chassis superstructures - the way to the workhorse!

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2020 Ford Ranger chassis variant body conversion 5 vehicle chassis bodies the way to the workhorse!

For the realization and creation of storage space or transport capacities there is the possibility of various Superstructures on the vehicle to undertake. There are many companies that have specialized in producing them and integrating them on given peripherals. There are already various structures, such as the Tipping body, which is usually made of steel and is suitable for bulk goods transport, mobile homes and other vehicles. Or Flatbed superstructureswho have implemented a tarpaulin as a cover. There are different applications and purposes for which it may be necessary to implement a structure. Especially in sectors such as city cleaning, the vehicles have to go along with them Garbage bodies or devices for sweepers be equipped. Vehicles, which for Ambulance transport, police operations or as a fire engine are to be used, require a chassis from a manufacturer that of course offers. Third-party providers then take over the production and final assembly of the box or body.

Ford and Co. have such vehicles

The vehicle manufacturer Ford offers a new variant in the chassis area based on the ranger. It comes as a so-called Body-on-frame construction. The variant of the Ranger has been available since the beginning of the year and it is offered as a single cabin. It is also available in the XL version.

With the VW there is also the possibility of a T6 or, for example, the large Crafter as a chassis variant and with one from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Tarpaulin construction to equip. Volkswagen takes care of it here. But also on one Third party providers can be set. The conversions mostly consist of precision steel tubes, which are stable and weatherproof and can still be easily installed. Tipper or box bodies can also be implemented depending on the manufacturer and provider.

Purpose and legal aspects:

Before you consider wanting to implement a structure, you have to consider whether it makes sense to implement such a project, including from Cost reasons. Finally, there are also many ready-made cars that have already implemented a body.

Vehicle chassis superstructures e1620635085853 Vehicle chassis superstructures the way to the workhorse!

The advantage of an individual structure is that it can be applied to the Needs of the customer can customize. The disadvantage is that if the structure is damaged by incorrect self-assembly or improper use Guarantee or warranty claims can expire. In addition, the structure must be designed in such a way that the vehicle is also suitable for it, does not endanger public safety in traffic and that the driver and the car are always in good working order.

Examples of chassis:

  • Opel Movano chassis or platform chassis as platform (L2, L3, L4), three-way tipper (L2, L3) box (L4H1).
  • Renault Master chassis ex works with flatbed, three-way tipper and coffee maker. Renault Master is available in over 300 variants. Three wheelbases from 3,18 to 4,33 meters, four lengths from 5,08 to 6,88 meters
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is available ex works in over 200 conversions. (Refrigerated vehicles, tarpaulin covers for flatbeds, suitcases, craft extensions, winter service vehicles, etc.)
  • Fiat Ducato chassis ex works as a flatbed, three-way tipper or with a lightweight case. Four wheelbase versions and five lengths.
  • Ford Transit flatbed. Wheelbases variable from 3.137 to 4.522 millimeters.

A structure as an opportunity for the future:

If you don't want to do without your favorite vehicle or if you as a small business owner can't afford a car with a given complete solution, then it certainly makes sense to buy one individual structure to be realized. Sometimes that can happen too Adding value evaluate on the vehicle and facilitate a resale. Or you can use the vehicle and its superstructure for different purposes. Possibilities are, for example, a tipper, low platform, suitcase or a KEP-LIGHTBOX suitcase. The terms here tend to vary from provider to provider. In addition to the ones already mentioned, the base vehicle can also be the Opel Movano, the Renault Master, the Mercedes Sprinter, the Fiat Ducato and others. PS. Of course, such a vehicle with a bare chassis can also be called Motorhome body be used.

Mini Camper 2021 Lada Granta Lux Form 1 vehicle chassis bodies the way to the workhorse!

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