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This must be taken into account with car stickers

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Horseshoe horse head radiator grill car sticker This must be taken into account with car stickers

Who his car Visually upgrade and individualize often picks up on it Bumper stickers back. Because these gadgets not only look great, but in most cases are also extremely Budget friendly. However, some of the stylish adhesives are subject to one authorization. Thanks to the many different motifs, car stickers are ideal for customizing and “tuning” your own car in a cost-effective manner. However, if you want to spice up the look of your vehicle with a larger adhesive, you should absolutely observe a few rules.

You should definitely pay attention to this:

  • Clear view ahead: The driver must always have a clear and clear view. The unobstructed view should therefore under no circumstances obstructed by a film. If you still want to attach a film to the window, you need one type approvalprovided the glue a quarter of the window area or more than 0,1 Quadratmeter occupies. If this approval is not available, the operating license expires for the car. In most cases, car fans receive this type approval when they buy the film. If this is not the case, it is best to leave the panes free. More information can be found in our article "Tip: sun visor strip allowed? We tell you!".

Sun visor strips legal situation fine 2 This must be taken into account with car stickers

  • There are almost no limits to your imagination when choosing a bumper sticker. Only Anti-constitutional symbols or the like verboten. In addition, the stickers must not offend anyone.

Stickerbombing Tuning Stickerbomb Foil You have to pay attention to this with car stickers

  • After Section 30 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations Vehicles may only be operated if they are built or equipped in such a way that their normal traffic does not damage or endanger anyone beyond the unavoidable extent. For this reason, car stickers must not be placed on headlights or exterior mirrors.
Headlight foiling tuning This must be taken into account with car stickers
Foil headlights is prohibited

In case of doubt, traffic safety is also important when it comes to self-interest Bumper stickers in front. Therefore, everyone who is not yet completely sure about their bumper stickers should ask the TÜV and get advice.

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