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Meaning of the letter "Y" on the Bundeswehr license plate

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Puma Panzer Y license plate Meaning of the letter Y on the Bundeswehr license plate

When looking at a Bundeswehr vehicle, you must have asked yourself why the first letter came in "Y" is. Here you can find out why and which ones Features associated with it. In the vicinity of Bundeswehr bases and on the autobahn you can see vehicles with one more often "Y mark". Rumor has it that the letter is there can not be for the last letter from "Germany" to German "Deutschland", but for something much more unimaginative.

Y: since the Bundeswehr was founded

The "Y" came up when the Bundeswehr was founded in 1955. The Bundeswehr was looking for a suitable first letter for your license plate. All suitable variations such as BW were already taken.

Bundeswehr vehicle Y license plate meaning e1623386669930 Meaning of the letter Y on license plate of the Bundeswehr

The Bundeswehr then decided on the letter "Y" because no major city or county begin with the Y The "Y" was therefore free for Bundeswehr vehicles. The letter "X" was still in the selection, but Kurt Vogel, the brigadier general at the time, decided against it. In Germany, the "X" has been used for NATO vehicles since his decision. There is more information on this in our separate article "Meaning of the X number on Bundeswehr vehicles".

It's not just the Y that makes the difference!

Bundeswehr vehicle Y license plate meaning 2 Meaning of the letter Y on the Bundeswehr license plate

The special ones characteristics of the Bundeswehr license plates are not just the "Y", but also the German flag left at the edge of the shield. Civil motor vehicles from the European Union have the flag of Europe there with the respective country code. After the "Y" comes the seal of the Bundeswehr Center for Motor Vehicles and up to six digits. The combination is made possible by the Vehicle registration system freely assigned to the Bundeswehr admission office. It is independent of the unit or vehicle type.

  • three-digit identification numbers = for Bundeswehr vehicles that were purchased in the USA
  • single-digit special identifier = for inspectors of the army, air force and navy
  • Identifier Y-1 = e.g. for inspector general of the Bundeswehr, other single-digit "Y" codes ("Y-2" or "Y-6") are known and probably for service vehicles of the inspectors of the Bundeswehr and other representatives
  • Y mark from the 50s and 60s wore official seals in the form of Bakelite plaques and then also silver or white stickers with a note on the respective Bundeswehr approval office
  • besides standard single line identifier with a length of 520 mm x 110 mm there are a number of Special formats
  • Y mark for e-vehicles = the Bundeswehr also uses electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, Special features: only five-digit identification number, "E" embossed in bold capital letters
  • Y mark is also available as Adhesive label

Another special feature is that the marks of the Bundeswehr and NATO do not reflect and are made in a different font. License plates of civil vehicles have on the other hand, do not reflect Bundeswehr license plates, so that they are not easily recognized by enemy armed forces. The "Y" mark becomes any awarded to the Bundeswehr and gives no Information about the type of vehicle and which troops are in use with it. It can be can not be recognize which base the vehicles belong to.

No official general inspection necessary!

TUeV main investigation control HU AU Meaning of the letter Y on the license plate of the Bundeswehr

Despite the approved participation in public road traffic not applicable for vehicles with a "Y" license plate this is mandatory Main inspection and emissions inspectionso must none Test sticker to be attached to the license plate. Unchecked the vehicles are still not, but they are checked and monitored internally by the personnel of the Bundeswehr. This check is based on the road traffic regulations. To prevent misuse of “Y” license plates, these are safe from counterfeiting. The approval office of the Bundeswehr has a seal that is on the front of the number plate burned in and on the back stamped becomes. For Bundeswehr vehicles, a Car insurance waived, because the Bundeswehr in accidents with military vehicles in road traffic haftet. If a soldier violates the applicable regulations while driving such a vehicle, this will be reported to the armed forces administration. Such cases are resolved internally and can be punished with disciplinary penalties. info: There are even red Y mark. They'll be for vehicles in testing output.

  • 04 -> Test drive and transfer purposes (alt)
  • 05 -> Experts, auditors, defense engineering departments
  • 06 -> Test drive and transfer purposes (new)
  • 07 -> Oldtimer in the military history museum of the Bundeswehr

Bundeswehr vehicle red Y license plate Meaning Meaning of the letter Y on the Bundeswehr license plate

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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