Statutory regulations on changes to the brake system!

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The importance of the braking system for vehicle safety! A safe braking system is essential for road safety, especially when it comes to vehicles with significant increases in performance. The brake system must then be adapted to the increased requirements in order to ensure adequate braking performance. Not necessarily just a simple one Chiptuning, but if there are upgrade chargers & Co., then you should adjust the vehicle's brakes. However, it is important to note that only Professionals Modifications should be made to the braking system. Make room for the brake! When adjusting the brake system, sufficient space for the brake discs to the rim is of great importance in order to ensure sufficient Cooling to ensure and also the Freedom of movement to get the brake.

Careful preparation is essential!

Before replacing the brake system, the mounting options must be checked and compatibility with safety systems such as ABS and other brake assistants must be ensured. Only parts with one Parts approval or a Teilegutachten for the desired vehicle should be used.

the braking effect of the tuned vehicle must be at an adequate level compared to vehicles with similar performance

And projects in the area of ​​the braking system should definitely previously be coordinated with an expert or examiner who has the necessary modification acceptance can perform. If, instead of normal steel discs, you only install some with slots and/or bores, but in the identical format, then the change acceptance should be much easier than enlarging the brake and using other calipers, Stainless steel brake hoses etc. equipped.

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There is none Regulation about which braking system to use in a vehicle. The braking performance requirements for converted vehicles are based on the state of the art. The expert who approves the increase in performance also decides whether an adjustment to the brake system is also necessary Individual acceptance according to § 21 StVZO necessary is. Of course you can also rebuild the brake system if you don't use an increase in performance and just want a better brake. Changing the brake system should always be discussed with an expert beforehand.


  • Changes to the braking system can be useful in order to adapt the braking effect to the increased performance potential. But also when the standard brake simply does not bring the desired deceleration or the desired look. However, it is important to note that remodeling almost always involves a lot of effort and should only be performed by experienced professionals. The safety of the vehicle always has top priority!

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