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Military on the road: This is how you should react as a driver!

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Military on the road: This is how you should react as a driver!

The Bundeswehr is currently located in increased readiness, which is why motorists in the coming days with more military vehicles on the streets be confronted. But how do you behave properly towards the military transports and columns? After troops from Russia invaded Ukraine, the Bundeswehr has its operational readiness within the framework of national alarm measures tightened. According to announcements by the Federal Ministry of Defense in this context, there may also be restrictions in the area of ​​traffic. Capacities in terms of transport "on land, on water and in the air' would have to be kept for military purposes. But how do car and motorcyclists actually behave? correct, when they encounter such a column?

How to recognize a column?

Military on the road: This is how you should react as a driver!

First of all, the question arises what features indicate the vehicles involved. By law, everyone wears it down to the last vehicle in the association a blue flag on the driver's side, explains the Bundeswehr in a leaflet on the subject of columns. The tail light carries a green flag, sometimes additionally marked with a flashing yellow light or a warning sign. If there is a blue light, it is allowed switched on be. According to the ADAC, public aid and rescue organizations mostly adhere to the Bundeswehr regulation. Police convoys usually do without flags, but are recognized by their uniform appearance.

All vehicles count as one!

In accordance with traffic law, all vehicles are visible in a closed formation as a vehicle counted. As the ADAC explains, they can therefore always stay together. In plain language, this means that all vehicles can still drive through a red traffic light if only the first one has passed the green light. The other road users have them mandatoryto observe this special right. As a result, they have to stop even if the traffic light is already green for them. Besides, it is verbotento interrupt the column or to “squeeze in”. This special right is also valid in roundabout traffic, An zebra crossing and intersections or if you are in the Zipper process threads. According to the Bundeswehr, the same applies “strictly speaking” to the freeway entrance. If the distance between the individual vehicles is 100 meters, you can also drive up quickly and leave the column again "at the next opportunity".

Overtake in one go!

In principle may to overtake a column provided this in one go happens. That means one can't just intervene. According to the Bundeswehr, this is only possible on motorways or other multi-lane roads. The legislature does not specify the length of the column. However, it is necessary for the remaining road users sufficient space is left. According to the Bundeswehr, rescue workers and auxiliary services form from 15 vehicles a new column.

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Military on the road: This is how you should react as a driver!

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Military on the road: This is how you should react as a driver!

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Military on the road: This is how you should react as a driver!

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