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Important changes in traffic law - 2021 will bring some innovations!

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Traffic law attorney Important changes in traffic law - 2021 brings some innovations!

With the turn of the year many new laws and changes came into force. Some of them also concern traffic law. We explain which innovations are important in the driver's license test, which tougher penalties have been set for gawkers, what will be more expensive in 2021 and a lot more.

"Optimized practical driving test ": longer driving times plus feedback discussion

Since January 1, 2021, the practical driving test has taken around ten minutes longer than before. The reason for this is the introduction of the "Optimized Practical Driving License Test" - or OPFEP for short. The basis for the new test is a catalog of driving tasks. This summarizes which safety-relevant requirements a learner driver must meet and defines the corresponding evaluation criteria.

Driving test OPFEP Dekra driving license Important changes in traffic law - 2021 brings some innovations!

The inspector now documents the journey using standardized software on a tablet. Immediately afterwards, the examinee can view the examination documentation. He receives this either by email or by QR code on his smartphone. The actual driving time is increased by five minutes, but the test itself is no more difficult than before.

The exam is followed by a five-minute feedback session. The examinee is shown in detail how their driving skills are assessed. In principle, the OPFEP is intended to help reduce the risk of accidents for young drivers. The digitization of the evaluation also ensures a quick and transparent evaluation.

New automatic regulation for the class B driving license

With regard to the driver's license, there is another important change that will come into force on April 1, 2021. So far, people who have completed their driving school training and the practical test with an automatic vehicle were not allowed to drive a switching vehicle afterwards. They were only allowed to drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission on public roads.

Automatic conversion manual transmission manual transmission 1 Important changes in traffic law - 2021 will bring some innovations!

This restriction will no longer apply from April. However, the driver's license holders must first complete special training so that they can drive a switch truck. This consists of at least ten additional teaching units, each 45 minutes in length, as well as a test drive that lasts at least 15 minutes.

Harsher penalties for gawkers

People who take videos or photos of the scene or the injured after an accident have been a major problem for some time. These so-called gawkers are not only disrespectful to those affected, they often also hinder the rescue workers, whose work every second can count.

Gaffer Strafe accident Important changes in traffic law - 2021 will bring some innovations!

So far, only filming or photographing injured persons has been a criminal offense in accordance with Section 210a of the Criminal Code. However, since January 2021 this has also been the case when pictures are taken of deceased accident victims. This closed a previously existing loophole in the law. In this case, gawkers face a fine or imprisonment of up to two years.

Further changes relating to the topic of transport - commuter flat-rate, vehicle tax & Co.

The following changes are also important for drivers in 2021:

  • The commuter allowance increases from 21 to 30 cents from the 35st kilometer. So if you travel a long way to work, you can claim higher income-related expenses for tax purposes. However, if the commute to work is a maximum of 20 kilometers, there will be no changes.
  • Petrol and diesel are becoming more expensive. This is ensured by the so-called CO2-Tax. For every ton of carbon dioxide emitted when burning fossil fuels, a tax of 25 euros is due. Manufacturers pass these on to consumers, which means higher prices at the pumps.
  • The vehicle tax for newly registered vehicles will be recalculated. If a vehicle emits a lot of CO2 off, the road tax increases. This is to ensure that consumers buy more low-emission vehicles in the future. However, there will be no changes in terms of vehicle tax for vehicles registered before January 1, 2021.
  • Newly registered vehicles must have a so-called On-Board Fuel Consumption Meter (OBFCM). This measuring device records and stores the actual fuel consumption of a vehicle.
  • Furthermore, all newly registered cars must meet the Euro 6d ISC-FCM emissions standard. This is an evolutionary stage of the 6d standard.
  • Newly registered motorcycles must now meet the Euro 5 emissions standard. These two-wheelers should emit around a third less exhaust gases than those with Euro 4.
  • So far, the federal states were responsible for the motorways. The federal government took over this task on January 1, 2021. Among other things, he now ensures that new motorways are planned and built and that existing routes are maintained.

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