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For most tuning fans, a befitting lowering is simply part of it. On this point there is already broad agreement. But what is the perfect solution: a coilover suspension or a sports suspension? BILSTEIN is confronted with this question practically every day and can of course help with the selection. One thing is already certain: chassis tuning is the tuning measure with the greatest impact: With a good retrofit chassis, drivers can significantly optimize the appearance of their own vehicle and raise the driving experience to a completely new level.

Sports suspension vs. coilovers: What are the differences?

You can use a few important criteria to analyze for yourself which chassis should be chosen by fans of sophisticated tuning. But what is the difference anyway? Sports suspensions from premium manufacturers such as BILSTEIN consist of shorter sports springs with specially matched sports shock absorbers. Why is that so important? The series shock absorbers are simply not designed for the lower spring deflection and harder spring rates of sport springs. While a sports suspension has a precisely defined lowering, coilover suspensions are adjustable in height. As the name suggests, the essential feature of coilovers is their screw thread, with which the lowering can be individually adjusted within a defined range.

The sports suspension: Install and be happy!

Sports suspensions such as the popular BILSTEIN B12 are basically a very good compromise between dynamics and comfort. As one of the few manufacturers, BILSTEIN tailors each kit individually to the respective vehicle. The result is a sporty, harmonious driving experience. The motto for sports suspensions is: Install, register and be happy! Sports suspensions are therefore the perfect choice for most sporty drivers.

BILSTEIN Lightweight Z4 1

Individual driving dynamics with coilovers

Would you like more individuality and setup options? Then a coilover kit should be the perfect solution! And even those who occasionally want to take their car to the racetrack often expect more from their chassis. Coilovers such as the BILSTEIN B14, EVO S and SE are often the ideal partners for them. The possibility of individually adjusting the vehicle height in a given range is a key advantage for particularly ambitious tuners and sports drivers compared to normal sports suspensions. For example, the weight distribution of the wheel loads can be influenced. Depending on the vehicle, coilovers can also score points with a greater lowering compared to sports suspensions.

033 © Jan Philipp Behr Bilstein BMW G20 engine 13.04.2021/00446/XNUMX DSCXNUMX

Many coilovers also allow individual adjustment of the damping forces. With the BILSTEIN B16 or the EVO T1, for example, the damping forces can be adjusted in rebound and compression at the same time. (In the rebound stage, the shock absorber is pulled apart, in the compression stage, the shock absorber is compressed.) Different hardness levels or characteristic curves from soft to particularly firm can be set on each shock absorber using a small wheel, which strongly influences the handling. In this way, drivers who are experienced in driving dynamics can set their own personal set-up.

Also a question of budget

Coilover suspension or sports suspension? Often it is simply a question of budget. Because coilovers with their individual adjustment options are more complex than sports suspensions, they are usually a bit more expensive. But it doesn't matter whether it's sports suspension or coilovers: All BILSTEIN suspensions from the Street and Track series are individually tuned and have a parts certificate. In general, tuning fans should always pay attention to high-quality chassis and that the installation is carried out in a specialist workshop according to the manufacturer's specifications. Photo credit: ThyssenKrupp Bilstein GmbH

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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