Zorn® ZE32: electric battery cool box and warming box!

Zorn® ZE32 electric battery cool box and warming box!


Today we have a short video for you (below) that the Battery cooling and warming box Zorn® ZE32 introduced. Our short video focuses on how big the box is and what the most important functions and features are. We also subjected it to a practical test for a good week and we would like to share our experiences in the following article. One thing is certain: with the Zorn E Battery Cooler cooling is achieved mobile. This means that chilled food and drinks are available “to go” everywhere. This is made possible by a powerful lithium-ion power battery 20.800 mAh and 11,1 volts output (Charging voltage 12,6 volts). According to the manufacturer, this means that the cool box can be actively cooled up to 5 ½ hours possible with maximum cooling function.

Battery cool box and warming box

Our practical experience has even shown that the battery with maximum cooling function loosely to the 8h holds and also the advertised "up to 20 hours without mains connection' are extremely realistic. In any case, it was a surprise! This means that the entire day at the beach is secured. Less surprising, however, was the stately Weight of 9,03 kg, when the battery is attached (without battery 3,8 kg). If you then fill the box with drinks etc., you should think about having a second person help you if you have to carry the box further than 100 meters. The weight and the bulky format (39 x 50,5 x 29 cm) should not be underestimated. The same applies to the dimensions with regard to the vehicle. It is very questionable whether the box will even fit upright in the trunk of a limousine such as a BMW 3 Series, an Audi A4 or a Mercedes C-Class. In the 5-series BMW it was extremely tight.

ideal for the camper or a station wagon

In terms of dimensions, the Zorn® ZE32 is best suited for use with a Camper/Caravan or on a boat. And also in a standard luxury class station wagon (Audi A6 Avant, BMW 5 Series G31, Mercedes E-Class Estate) with the cool box there should still be a reasonable storage space for the holiday or the trip to the fishing pond. In our test, the Zorn® ZE32 convinced with its good cooling capacity even with permanent sunlight (+40 degrees on the beach) as well as the automatic temperature and power consumption control. In other words, the ZE32 regulates the cooling capacity on its own and does not always have to run "full throttle". It should be noted, however, that just the power supply with 230 volts and the battery operation achieve the good cooling performance. Operation via the 12 volt connection (the car battery) is at best intended to bridge the duration of the journey.

difficult but well thought out

The powerful maintenance-free Peltier cooling system (thermoelectric cooling) cools without coolant until 20 °C below outside temperature and an energy-saving eco cooling function is also installed. The box keeps the heat or cold using CFC-free insulating foam with a long-lasting insulating effect and thus supports a sustainable energy saving. The hygienic, food-compliant PP material is 100% recyclable.

Zorn® ZE32 electric battery cool box and warming box!

The equipment includes the 30 liter large refrigerator (Format inside 31 x 42 x 21 cm for about 33 cans), the somewhat shaky one Sliding cable compartment with permanently connected connection cable for 230 volts / 12 volts and battery and a stable one handle. The entire lid can be easily removed to clean the inside of the box, for example. as Disadvantage we feel the cooling system built into the lid, which after use on the beach rather can be freed from any sand. The button for level control using the battery and the warm/cold switch could also be of a better quality.

Summary of the Zorn® ZE32!

If you have a larger vehicle or even a camper, then the Zorn ZE32 is the perfect companion for you Holiday or the fishing trip. But also for him transport of medicines the ZE32 is conceivable in our opinion. All in all, it is of high quality and essentially keeps what it promises. We consider the "thin paneling on the lid", which likes to touch the fan wheel when accidentally touched, the battery installed on the outside (why not in the bottom of the box?) and the rather weak cooling/heating performance when using the 12-volt connection. Also the price of currently approx. 300 € is not to be underestimated. All in all, however, a great device and currently almost unique on the market. In addition, annoying cold packs are finally over with the Zorn® ZE32 superfluous!

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