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Extreme lotus effect: Abacus window sealing!

Extreme lotus effect: Abacus window sealing!


From the manufacturer Abacus we would like to give you one today window protection (formerly "Fleet Magic") introduce. We will now tell you what special properties the product has and what else we know about it. The Abacus disc sealing contains 250 milliliters of liquid and the highlight is the particularly high level beading (Lotus Effect). Simultaneously protects the product the windshield through a seal. And there is even an improved safety aspect. Because a clear and safe view in rain and snow makes driving a car simply and emotionally safer and more comfortable. At the same time window protection Resistant to windscreen frost and various windscreen cleaners from the windscreen wiper system. The Abacus disc sealing is a product of industrial quality, but at the same time suitable for private use.

Operation & handling

Extreme lotus effect: Abacus window sealing!

  1. Fold up the wipers
  2. Clean and dry surface
  3. Work in the window sealant with a paper towel
  4. Buff out with a dry, clean paper towel
  5. process at first order to repeat
  6. Polish streak-free with a few drops of water (repeat several times)
  7. Repeat every 6-8 weeks

The "super water deflector" is a high-quality and at the same time inexpensive product. "It should be bought again and again because it is simply “brilliant“. These are just two of the positive and satisfactory reviews that we were able to find about the product in the customer area of ​​the online shop on Amazon. Customers primarily praise the good ones lotus effect, which is usually already noticeable at 50 km/h. And at night, even the glare from the headlights of oncoming vehicles is significantly reduced. That takes care of more safety in traffic. Thus, the promised safety and better visibility in snow, frost and rain is given. Our little video shows exactly how to use the product:

Price-performance ratio

As a customer, you can currently get the Abacus windshield seal for EUR 17,50 plus shipping in the Abacus online shop. If you consider that it is a 250 milliliter disc sealer, then in our opinion the relationship between performance and price is right in any case. So if you are looking for a suitable disc compound as a sealing option, you should pay a lot of attention Durability and beading effect should definitely have the Abacus product shown here on their shopping list.

the properties summarized:

  • Industrial quality product
  • creates lotus effect (significant improvement in visibility in rain and snow)
  • reduces glare at night
  • Forms a long-lasting protective layer (protects against dirt and is resistant to window cleaner and antifreeze)
  • Mosquitoes and insects can be easily removed from the pane.
  • household use is also possible
  • Applications
    – Car windows, shower stalls, skylights, glass facades, mirrors, ceramic washbasins, solar systems, tiles, helmet visors (outside) etc.

other products from Abacus for the vehicle

Abacus has many other vehicle care products in its range. Some of them (Tyrex Chrome rim cleaner, Apoli high-gloss polish, Politex paint sealant, Cera Care metal polish) we show you with the following pictures.

Extreme lotus effect: Abacus window sealing!

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Extreme lotus effect: Abacus window sealing!

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Extreme lotus effect: Abacus window sealing!

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Extreme lotus effect: Abacus window sealing!

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