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Chinese manufacturer Nio - competition for Tesla & Co?

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Model EP9 NIO Chinese manufacturer Nio - Competition for Tesla & Co? Chinese manufacturer Nio - Competition for Tesla & Co?


In contrast to Tesla, the Chinese startup for e-mobility Nio is probably the least known. However, Nio, the company has only existed for four years, has a lot on the “Kerbholz”. In 2017, for example, it set a lap record on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring in the E-car category and then even broke the “general lap record” on the race track in the Eifel region with its EP9 racing car model.

In the end 2017 had to be Nio besides Electric SUV ES8 presented. The electric car is a good five meters long and is powered by two battery cells, each with 240 kilowatts, from our own production. The bolide made it from zero to 100 in 4,4 seconds, which would correspond to a total of 653 hp. However, the top speed is locked to 180 km / h.

Also in the range, the Chinese have been thinking

Model ES8 NIO Chinese manufacturer Nio - Competition for Tesla & Co?

The range is already 355 kilometers on average. With an economical driving style and a speed of around 60 km / h, however, the ES8 manages a good 500 kilometers before it has to go to the next charging station. However, the developers at Nio came up with something special to make the car a little more suitable for everyday use.

The batteries can be easily replaced. The exchange should take a full three minutes without an owner having to have any special technical understanding. In addition, it was decided to have 1.100 mobile charging vehicles drive through Chinese cities to get a handle on the problem with the charging stations.

Nio - US stock market launch in preparation

While Elon Musk is now considering taking Tesla off the stock exchange and thus seems to drive investors mad, Nio's makers are cheerfully preparing to start trading on the US technology index Nasdaq. This could be the largest IPO for a Chinese manufacturer since the Alibaba trading market came onto the US stock market in 2014.

Model EVE NIO Chinese manufacturer Nio - Competition for Tesla & Co?

In any case, Tesla can be sure that it will get a competition that should not be underestimated, and not only on the stock exchange. The Chinese automaker is already worth around $ 1,8 billion. From now on, the start of the stock exchange should bring the company another considerable increase in value.

The money earned will then be used to strengthen the budget for research and development and to create additional production capacities at other locations. China is already the largest market for e-mobility. The air in Chinese cities is almost cut. The Chinese government has therefore declared that it will increasingly focus on e-mobility and autonomous driving in the future. It is also a declared goal to open up the global markets.

Many investors at Tesla, however, are currently looking into the abyss. You see Elon Musk as a roulette player, at least when it comes to the company's share price. In fact, he would also make an inglorious figure in online casinos in Germany, who apparently only ever bet on the whole. Some investors can only shake their heads and watch the Tesla share price slide from low to low.

German manufacturers are still lagging behind, but are on the rise

BMW i8 Coupe Chinese manufacturer Nio - Competition for Tesla & Co?
BMW i8 Coupe

In Germany, e-mobility is still a shadowy existence. Only about one percent of all new registrations concern electrically powered vehicles. The German manufacturers have overslept the current mega trend and in the past have focused more on fuel-saving diesel models. With batteries in particular, the field has been left entirely to Asians, who are already dominating the global market.

In this segment, manufacturers in Germany, who are now working flat out on series models with an electric drive, are at risk of becoming dependent on Japanese or South Korean manufacturers such as Panasonic, Samsung and LG, who have taken the lead in the global battery cell market.

Until now, only automotive supplier Continental had announced that it would seriously want to enter the solid-state battery sector. Bosch, one of the leading manufacturers of conventional car batteries, has so far been reluctant to make statements about e-mobility. At Volkswagen, however, the alarm bells rang and the decision was made to open a battery factory in Salzgitter in 2019. In addition, there is a stake in a chip plant in Dresden, which should provide CPUs for autonomous driving.

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