The most spectacular racing tracks in the world

There are numerous spectacular racetracks in the most interesting places around the world that attract the attention of many racing fans. The world's most famous racing tracks are known to us primarily from TV broadcasts of Formula 1 or other sports car races. Whether in your home country of Germany, in princely Monaco, in Le Mans or in wealthy Abu Dhabi, there is a large selection of racetracks worth seeing. This article explains exactly what makes these routes so special.

The "Green Hell" - Racing at the Nürburgring

Gruene Hölle Racing at the Nuerburgring

One of the world's most interesting and well-known racetracks is in Germany. Countless racing fans and interested tourists regularly make the pilgrimage to Nürburg in Rhineland-Palatinate, to the famous Nürburgring. It is particularly characterized by the fact that at 28 km it is the longest permanent racetrack in the world. Depending on which races take place here, however, the course will be adjusted. For VLN races, a 24 km long section of the route without the Müllenbach loop is used. In addition, the race track can be divided into two different courses, the sprint circuit and the Müllenbach circuit.

What also makes the Nürburgring special is that it has a leisure center that promises visitors a lot of variety. Whether discotheque, shopping center or roller coaster, there is also a lot to experience away from the race track.

Princely racing action in Monaco

Racing Action In Monaco

Pan to southern France. The second smallest country in the world is located on the Mediterranean coast and is known to many racing fans for special reasons. Monaco, home of Prince Albert and his wife Charlène, is home to one of the world's most unique racetracks. Broadly speaking, the principality is known for two things. On the one hand, of course, for exactly this race track that leads through the street canyons of the city-state, on the other hand for the big casino culture. Interestingly, the Casino De Monte Carlo even counts one of the oldest institutions of this category in Europe, because it opened its doors back in 1856, originally on the idea of ​​​​Princess Caroline of Monaco. Whether it's for racing action or a visit to the casino, the small town is always worth a visit.

Experience racing history in Le Mans

We stay in France but move north-west to Le Mans. The Circuit des 1923 Heures was opened here in 24. This route is not only characterized by its length of more than 13 km, but is also particularly unique due to its composition of a permanent race track and closed country roads. Rapid speeds prevail on this racing track. The full-throttle portion of the course is more than 85% and is therefore associated with a certain thrill for spectators and drivers.

Le Mans race track

The race in Le Mans is the oldest and largest sports car race in the world and is therefore internationally known. A particular highlight of the history of Le Mans is the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, which reached its peak in the 60s. The Ford GT40 was specially developed for this race, which should beat the superiority of Ferrari. However, this only succeeded in 1966, after two unsuccessful races in the years before. As a result, Ford was able to win three more times at Le Mans and the GT40 became a legend. The importance of the American manufacturer in the racing scene has not stopped: While Ferrari is still at the top of the world, Ford is hardly relevant there anymore. In the meantime, the story about Ford and Ferrari with Matt Damon and Christian Bale has been filmed in an entertaining way and that Ford winning car as a 1:8 scale model produced in a limited special series.

High temperatures and fast cars – Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is also known for motorsport. The hotspot of the rich and famous in the United Arab Emirates has been home to the Yas Marina Circuit since 2009, one of the most modern racetracks in the world. The track was designed by German race track designer Hermann Tilke and was not originally intended to be a permanent track. Since the first Formula 2009 race took place there in 1, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the most exciting racing events have been held here regularly.

Abu Dhabi

The total length of the track is 5,554 km and consists of a total of 21 curves, twelve of which are left-hand and nine right-hand corners. The record for the Max Verstappen holds the fastest race lap with a time of 1:26,103 min., set up in 2021. But not only Formula 1 races take place here. For other motorsport racing events, the course can even be divided into two separate tracks, the lengths of which are 2,36 and 3,15 km. What makes the route special is the large number of grandstand seats. A total of 41.000 spectators can be seated here.


Fans of fast-paced motorsport can choose between spectacular and unique racetracks all over the world, which are worth visiting for various reasons. Each of these routes has at least one special feature that makes it stand out. Whether it's the history, the special length, the unique design, the special nature of the route or its modernity - a visit to these tracks is a real highlight for racing fans and tourists alike.

Formula 1 winner race victory

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