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80er 90er tuning car companion of the 70er to 90er Wackeldackel and Co.

In the 1970ern to 90ern, weird accessories for the car were a must and numerous manufacturers of fun accessories made good sales. The preference of the driver was hardly a limit set. The interior of the car was decorated with a small vase on the radio, with red fabric flowers in it. Seat covers in wooden beads decorated driver and front passenger seat while the back seat was covered with sofa covers in the 70er trend colors brown and orange. They were the 70s to 90s - but where have all the accessories gone? Some old-timers still have the old classics, such as a wiggle or the toilet paper hat. And still available almost everywhere in the trade and at petrol stations: the fragrant tree, which is supposed to provide intense freshness. Let's go on a journey back in time and take a closer look at the funny accessories:

Wackeldackel Tuning Autobegleiter of the 70er to 90er Wackeldackel and Co.

The Wackeldackel and later Wackel-Elvis: Since 1965 there is him and since then he wakes up on the hat rack in the car or towers over the dashboard directly in sight of the driver. With the same functionality was designed in the 70er years Elvis as a wobbly figure for the car. Today there are even footballers and the Queen as a wobbly rider for fans.

Plush cube tuning e1563512877440 car companion from the 70s to 90s dachshunds and Co.

The plush cube: The earlier crocheted cubes were a symbol of readiness for car racing in the US. Later plush cubes were considered lucky charms. Today, they hang mostly dangling at the rearview mirror.

Klopapierhut Tuning car companion of 70er to 90er Wackeldackel and Co.

The crocheted toilet paper hat: We have already seen it in almost all variants - the Klohut. For emergencies on the parcel shelf, it was a must-have in the 70s to 90s. Today the funny toilet paper hats are only available in vintage shops or from collectors.

Sylt Sticker Tuning Car Accompaniment of 70er to 90er Wackeldackel and Co.

The Sylt sticker: The Sylt sticker can still be found. He even got company - whether from numerous travel destinations as a souvenir or fashionable skylines of hometowns or vacation spots often found on the back of the car. For a few years this has even been available as a tattoo form.

Wooden beads seat pad tuning car companion of the 70er to 90er wobble dachshund and Co.

The wooden beads seat cover: Yes, they still exist and you can find them again and again - the wooden beads on the seat. Whether black and white, classic brown or pink - the range is large and the editions are still popular with a certain group of buyers.

Baby on Board Sticker Shield Tuning Car Accompaniment of the 70er to 90er Lentil and Co.

The Baby on Board sign: Once for safety in the back of the car to find the baby on board sign. The shield has prevailed to this day and can be found with all sorts of children's names and funny sayings.

Fur Cover Steering Wheel Tuning Car Accompaniment of the 70er to 90er Lenticular Torch and Co.

The fur cover for the steering wheel: Sheepskin covers and faux fur covers come in classic tones and they are still often attached to the steering wheel. For girls, these are also available in pink and red - as full versions or just a piece of decoration for the steering wheel.

Aroma Tree Wunderbaum Tuning Car Accompaniment of the 70er to 90er Wackeldackel and Co.

The scent tree: Who doesn't know it - the scent tree? Apple, sea breeze, lilac - they are available in many bright colors and matching smells. Whether in the smoker's car or just like that - still a trend today and available in other variants in addition to the tree.

Mercedes 560 SEC AMG 6.0 Broadcasting Tuning 31 car companion of the 70er to 90er Lentil and Co.

For all who have come to the taste and want to experience a revival of car companions, good news: They are all still available and they are easily available. The advantages are obvious: They remain cult. The possible disadvantage is that they are of little use and quickly mutate into dust catchers. While the scent tree, the pearl necklace or even fur covers are available in car accessory shops, you can also find numerous variants on the Internet. EBay and Co have a large selection of crocheted toilet paper hats and funny wobbly figures. Of course Elvis and the dachshund are not missing either! Stickers and tattoos can be found in almost all cities, mostly where there are souvenirs. At affordable prices you can get back a piece of nostalgia and driving experience from the 70s to 90s - and as mascots they always serve as a good trip!

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