Tuning for the windscreen wiper with a wiper spoiler

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Wiper spoiler Wiper spoiler Pressure amplifier Tuning 2 Tuning for the wiper with a wiper spoiler

Windscreen wipers are prone to high performance cars and often can not provide optimum wiping performance. Especially in Hyundai i30N performance owners complain in Internet forums often about the factory solution that hardly meets the purpose as a windshield wiper from high speeds (Video below). To improve the wiping performance, windshield wiper spoilers can be installed. The spoilers serve as pressure intensifiers and are also commercially available under the name Wischerspoiler. The useful articles are described in more detail below and the advantages of the wiper spoilers in the tuning area are explained.

Windshield wiper spoiler - ex works?

Wiper spoiler Wiper spoiler Pressure amplifier Tuning 3 Tuning for the wiper with a wiper spoiler

Cars that are already equipped with more horsepower at the factory can quite often have standard small wiper spoilers. If you want to tune your car and also put on a performance enhancement and not just on a look, then wiper spoilers should not be missing if you do not have a pure fair weather car. At higher speeds, the wiping performance can be significantly worsened by a reduced contact pressure of the windscreen wiper. To prevent this and to use a pressure booster, a wiper spoiler can be installed. The spoilers are available in shapely variants and also visually make for an eye-catcher.

Pressure booster - what to look for when buying?

Wiper spoiler Wiper tuning Tuning for the windscreen wiper with a wiper spoiler

If you want to tune your vehicle and visually and functionally enhance value, then wiper spoilers must not be missing. The spoilers are also described as pressure intensifiers or pressure intensifiers. When buying but should not only be paid to the appearance of the wiper spoiler. It is important that the spoiler can be quickly attached to the vehicle and that the parts do not fly away in extreme wind. The wiper spoilers are usually clipped onto the wiper arm. Matching items are characterized by a tight fit and high functionality. It is important that you acquire weather-resistant and weather-resistant wiper spoilers in order to have something of look and function as long as possible. For example, you can choose between variants made of chrome-plated stainless steel and articles made of ABS plastic. The wiper spoilers should be chosen to suit the vehicle model and wipers and be UV resistant. As a rule, the articles are available in many sizes and colors. There are sporty, colorful eye-catching variants as well as articles that are simply kept. Even with normal cars, which are not aufgemotzt and which are not PS-miracles, wiper spoilers can act as a pressure booster and make sense.

Windshield wiper spoiler - conclusion

Wiper spoiler Wiper spoiler Pressure amplifier Tuning 5 Tuning for the wiper with a wiper spoiler

The purchase of the wiper spoiler can be worthwhile for the car and the driver. The articles are not only in the tuning area an eye-catcher. The wiper spoilers increase the contact pressure of the windscreen wipers and significantly optimize the wiping performance. The prerequisite for optimum wiping performance is of course also an effective, not worn windscreen wiper. When buying the wiper spoiler you should as already mentioned pay attention to suitable models for your vehicle as well as simple and secure mounting options. Also important is what type of wiper blade / wiper blade holder / wiper arm you have installed. Is it an ironing wiper, a flat bar wiper or a hybrid wiper? Suitably you must select the wiper spoiler. Tip: Are the windshield wipers slowing down? Then you can Clean, Regrooving or Switch.

in the video below, a good example

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