Cars & Coffee - trend and attitude towards life from the USA!

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Performance Technic 2016 Summer Cars Coffee Tuning 23 Cars & Coffee Trend and attitude to life from the USA!

Americans like to drink coffee, it is common knowledge. In order for them to end up with US customers, international automakers had to spend years doing extensive work cup holders construct and install in your vehicles. The reason for this is simple: For the American driver, the sound of a V8 engine is not part of the journey, but also a mug of coffee from Starbucks and Co. Whether coffee latte with skin milk or caramel frappuccino with almond milk, the coffee preferences are as diverse as the numerous coffee shops at the crossroads, highways or shopping centers, where thousands of orders for the hot drink are placed every day. To make things go faster, a lot is going on now ordered via an app and hot goods only need to be picked up at the counter.

Cars & Coffee attitude to life

And just because you don't have to go to work on the weekend doesn't mean that Americans also do without their beloved coffee. Of course, the local capsule or machine coffee does not taste as good as its portafilter machine counterpart from the coffee shop around the next corner or the one after that. If the weather is good and the mood is right, the way to your favorite coffee dealer will not be covered with the everyday pickup or limousine, but you will be picked up baby, be Everything from the garage. About a small one sports car, one roadster, the cool one Restomod pickup or the self-restored one Hot-Rod Custom car from the 30s. The main thing is that you quench your thirst for coffee and you can escape everyday life for a moment.

Performance Technic 2016 Summer Cars Coffee Tuning 19 Cars & Coffee Trend and attitude to life from the USA!

Coffee and car lovers come together

The need for the Coffee with the vintage car or the Sunday car For many Americans, picking up is just as great as the actual desire for Coffee in all its variants. More and more by chance than planned in any way, numerous people keep coming back Coffee and car lover in the parking lots of shopping malls and chat about their automotive treasures and achievements. Nobody knows exactly when and where this trend arose. It is up to you whether you want to believe any of the numerous stories and anecdotes. But all stories have one thing in common: A worth seeing automobile, the thirst for coffee and casual chats. In addition, they meet in the morning, the first ones start at six in the morning, and everything is over by nine. After that, the family waits with breakfast and the planned excursion. This is Cars and Coffee!

cars and coffee Cars & Coffee Trend and attitude towards life from the USA!

There are also Cars and Coffee in this country

Cars and Coffee has become a national trend in the United States over time. Always on the first Saturday of the month they met for a long time in Crystal Grove near Newport Beach in California before they drove to Irvine to the large company car park of Mazda USA. There the own piece of jewelery was presented to the many other car enthusiasts. Others come one on Sunday morning snackto Pizzeria or a McDonalds together to chat about their jewelry and dream cars. With the numerous Doge Vipers, Ford Mustang, DeLorean, Porsche 911, Corvettes, Cadillacs or hot rods, these informal meetings of Cars and Coffee are mostly more worth seeing than an official car event. It is there no matter where you come from and what you do, everyone talks to everyone and the love for automobiles and good coffee is celebrated together. So it's no wonder that sometimes real supercars like a Ferrari F40, a Koenigsegg, a Bugatti Veyron, Mustang Shelbys and even real ones Movie cars ancestors.

rather a hot rod than a boring soda

Especially vehicles from the 90s or older, as well as sports cars, hot rods, exotic vehicles and everything that is normally not seen, are allowed on the pitch. What you don't like, current four-door cars, trucks or boring vans. And especially no one likes to see a hybrid or an electric car - regardless of the brand. However, exceptions always prove the rule. Because comes a cool one Electric mod around the corner, then it goes without saying made an exception.

Porsche 911T Hot Rod with Bentley V8 2 Cars & Coffee Trend and lifestyle from the USA!

the number of cars has to stay within limits

The first small meetings of a few like-minded people have turned into large events with hundreds of vehicles over the years. On Cars and Coffee Meetings can also take place with over 800 cars and more than 1500 visitors. With the growth, however, the handling often became more difficult. Often there are more and more car fans and visitors without own sports cars or vintage cars are at the start. But that is CAN'T Cars and Coffee. By the way: Some events are just now created by Cars and Coffee and given the name to attract viewers.

No longer limited to the USA

The cars and coffee trend is no longer limited to the USA, but has moved out into the world. No matter if Mexico, Brazil, Japan or Germany. Car fans meet for coffee everywhere. Cars and Coffee has even made it to Australia. Only the vehicles differ. In Japan they are more likely to stand up Nissan skyline, tuned Kei-cars or european sports car in the foreground. In Australia, on the other hand, there are large-displacement engines Holden limousines and of course the popular ones Utes. And in Europe or Germany? One swears by European athletes Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Lamborghini. Compared to the USA, however, the Cars and Coffee trend is having a hard time in Europe.

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