Electric car retrofitting - what to look out for!

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Electric car retrofitting E car

Fuels are becoming more and more expensive, a long-term existence of the combustion engine can be doubted and in many cities there are already restrictions, such as environmental zones. If you want to get away from the combustion engine as a tuner, you can convert to an electric car. We also belong to the group of those who do not see the electric car as an absolute breakthrough for the future, but who is currently leading it evidently hardly a way past the electric car. Therefore, providers of retrofitting opportunities are becoming more and more, and even manufacturers like VW or Jaguar offer corresponding kits for retrofitting.

Space is needed for new parts

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In connection with a retrofit, one has to know that older vehicles in particular can usually be converted much easier in practice than is the case with a modern vehicle. Alone because a large number of technical systems are missing here, so that retrofitting is easier to implement. The type of gearbox also plays a role when it comes to retrofitting. A vehicle with a manual transmission is much cheaper to convert than a car with an automatic transmission. What is part of the conversion? It essentially plays that of course engine Swap a role. You also have to remove numerous technical devices.

a lot has to come out, but a lot has to go in too

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This includes not only the engine, but also the tank, the exhaust, possibly the transmission and also the radiator to name just a few components. And you have to find space for new parts, such as the battery. These are usually lithium-ion batteries with a high output. Where you want to install the battery in a vehicle depends very much on the model. Depending on the model, but also the engine, here either the engine compartment or the space under the seats, under the rear seat or in the trunk are available. Depending on the installation location, you have to remove the cladding and add the electrical system. You also have to install an appropriate plug-in device for charging. Depending on the installation location, work on the paintwork may also be necessary.

You have to keep an eye on weight

The conversion to an electric car requires a lot of planning, because there are many points to consider. For example, the maximum permissible total weight. You have to pay attention to the weight when converting, because depending on the selection of the electric motor, but also the number and size of the batteries, there is a risk of exceeding the permissible total mass. Therefore, if you choose a battery that is too light, this affects the durability and the associated range of the future electric car. Especially since you always have to take into account various reserves regarding the weight of the car. For example for additional passengers and luggage. Due to the extensive conversions that are required for a retrofit, you have to re-register your car. This requires extensive tests by an expert. Unknown test methods are also used here. Such as the electromagnetic compatibility test. This is to rule out the possibility of malfunctions in the installed components.

Electric mod as a new Restomod variant?

Incidentally, we can well imagine that names like Electric mod or e-mod will soon be heard more and more often. In contrast to the classic Restomod conversions With the combustion engine under the hood, the drive of the restored and souped-up classics naturally consists of one or more electric motors. An electric mod is like a classic car with advanced electrical engineering on board. A official name as a Electric mod for such modifications there are, however so far Not. But we would be happy if the electrification of historic vehicles ensures that more of them get back on the road.

Elektromod E Mod Restomod tuning classic car

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