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For drift sports - the fly-off handbrake in the vehicle!

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Fly off handbrake hydraulic hydrobrake e1576215921630 For drifting the fly off handbrake in the vehicle!

Many rally drivers provoke oversteer by actuating the handbrake and thus bring the vehicle into particularly strong Drift-Angle. This enables extremely tight corners to be negotiated, as the outer wheels no longer have traction. In many cases, however, the braking effect triggered by a cable is not sufficient for this, or the effect occurs very late. This can be remedied by installing a hydraulic handbrake. With the help of the hydraulics, the maximum braking effect can be called up very quickly, which promotes drifting.

Function - hydraulic handbrake

Nissan tuning Nissan 200SX Silvia S14 Driftcar For drifting the Fly off handbrake in the vehicle!

Hydraulic hand brakes can best be explained as an extension of the normal service brake. They are installed in the hydraulic brake circuit and enable the rear wheels to be locked immediately using a lever. All you really need is an additional brake cylinder, another lever and various hydraulic lines.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Fly off handbrake hydraulic hydrobrake 2 e1576216230718 For drifting the fly off handbrake in the vehicle!

A great advantage is the immediately achievable braking effect, as this is often necessary in motorsport. On the other hand, it is less advantageous that the hydraulic handbrake restricts the service brake due to its design, even if it is installed correctly. This can be felt primarily by the fact that the service brake cannot exert any braking effect on the rear axle while the built-in handbrake is being used. There are possibilities to "switch" this, but the effect should always be saved in the back of your mind. In a dangerous situation, it can lead to the driver losing control of the car. In addition, everyone should be aware that incorrect installation, for example due to a leak in the hydraulic system, can paralyze the entire brake system, which carries an enormous risk. With self-made installation you save in the wrong place, you should definitely have this carried out by a tuner or a workshop.

hydraulic handbrake legal?

A hydraulic handbrake can generally be entered. However, it should be ensured that it is a high-quality handbrake so that there are no problems with the TÜV. In addition, a locking parking brake is required for entry, so the standard handbrake is best kept installed. In summary, it can be said that hydraulic hand brakes in racing and rallying naturally have a reason to exist in order to achieve a strong braking effect and thus good drift angles. When choosing the brake and installing it, however, there are a number of things to consider, which is why it is best for experts to do this in most cases. Installation is not entirely risk-free and should therefore be well thought out. This type of brake is not required in normal road traffic, since the standard system is completely sufficient, but entry is quite possible.

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Vaughn Gittin Jr Drift Nordschleife Ford Mustang RTR 2018 2 For the Driftsport the Fly off handbrake in the vehicle!

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Verivox tuning blog credit 12 The fly off handbrake in the vehicle for drifting!

go The fly off handbrake in the vehicle for drifting!

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