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For the big thirst tuning on the petrol pump!

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Fuel pump Fuel pump Racing pump For the big thirst Tuning at the fuel pump!

In the following we would like to introduce you to a few options for tuning the petrol pump and would be happy to explain the function of the petrol pump. We then go into the tuning of the important component. But what is the fuel pump actually? The petrol pump conveys the petrol from the tank through the petrol line to where it is needed, i.e. to the carburetor, the injection valves - in short: to the engine! Mostly it is an electric pump near the tank, which is flushed with the fuel in order to be able to use a cooling effect.

the delivery rate must be correct

Fuel Pump Fuel Pump Racing Pump 2 For the great thirst tuning on the fuel pump!

The decisive parameters of the fuel pump are the delivery rate and the pressure. Both parameters must match the engine in order to be able to supply it optimally with gasoline. An excess of gasoline is not a problem, as this excess is fed back into the tank. This means that the gasoline does not accumulate in the engine and thus no heat build-up or nest, which can lead to uncontrolled ignitions, is created. However, if too little gasoline is pumped, it becomes problematic. The engine can go into "emergency mode", it produces less power or it dies.

Modifications to the fuel pump

Fuel Pump Fuel Pump Racing Pump 3 For the great thirst tuning on the fuel pump!

If serious changes are made in the engine, for example by adapting the control units or by replacing the factory settings Camshaft, a new injection or by extension of the aspiration, it may be necessary to add more petrol to the engine. This can be done using a larger or an additional petrol pump. Depending on the project, a decision must be made here. The decisive factor, however, is the higher delivery rate, since more petrol can be fed into the engine faster. The pressure is mostly secondary, since even small pumps can build up the necessary pressure. In exceptional cases, oversized petrol pumps are installed ex works, which means that reprogramming / adjustment is sufficient to achieve a corresponding delivery rate. An example of this is the 3 series from BMW (E90), since the same petrol pump is installed in this series from the 320i to the M3, although the displacement and engine power differ greatly.

Advantages and disadvantages of tuning the fuel pump?

One advantage is that you reduce / eliminate the risk of engine malfunctions due to falling gas pressure. As already mentioned, it can happen that more tuned engines need more fuel compared to the standard engines. However, if not enough fuel is pumped, the gas pressure drops, which can be seen in jerking or even when the engine is running out. However, it is a disadvantage that the combination of motor and petrol pump should be well coordinated to avoid errors due to oversizing or undersizing. Expert advice cannot hurt to ensure that the right part is installed. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the change is approved by a corresponding testing organization, in order not to expire the approval to risk. In summary, it can be said that tuning the petrol pump can be useful in order to adapt the pump to a modified engine, but there are a few things that should be considered in order to make the right choice.

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Burnout Instructions Cavalierstart For the big thirst Tuning at the fuel pump!

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