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Earn money by car - convert to a taxi!

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Taxi conversion Taxi equipment Taximeter Earn money by converting to a taxi!

A taxi is not a normal car, that's for sure. Because to provide the service, this vehicle must be equipped with some special devices. Otherwise, billing for the distance traveled is not permitted. These include an odometer or taximeter, taxi radio, a roof sign attachment and the installation of one Taxinotalarmanlage, In some cases, this requires a great deal of modification or retrofitting, which of course must comply with the current legal regulations. Above all, it is necessary to retrofit vehicle-specific brackets. This is the only way to ensure that the taxi radio, the taximeter and the odometer are installed successfully. The conversion from a normal car to a taxi should be carried out by a specialist workshop. There are very strict legal requirements to be observed here.

Taximeter, odometer & taxi radio

Taxi conversion Taxi equipment Taximeter 2 Earn money by converting to a taxi!

The taximeter is part of the mandatory equipment for a taxi. This requires cables and the actual console of the taximeter. Alternatively, an odometer can be installed, which is ideal for financed vehicles. Because the odometer can be easily removed and the vehicle resold. Both devices, the taximeter or the odometer are used to determine the fare. The taximeter is usually installed in the radio compartment. There are also so-called mirror taximeters and taximeters with an integrated printer. A taximeter is equipped with high-end technology and offers an innovative design. In addition, there is a high level of user friendliness. Some taxis already have the so-called fiscal taximeter.

Tax offices require the electronic form

exhaust scam money back e1562236626584 With the car make money to convert to a taxi!

Retrofitting with this type of taximeter will probably be necessary in the future, since in the future various approval authorities and auditors from the tax authorities will require the recording of individual data in electronic form. It is also mandatory to install the taxi radio. This represents a modern order placement system and serves the contact between the taxi driver and the taxi center. The installation of such voice radio or data radio systems is no problem for a specialist workshop. However, each vehicle model and year of manufacture of a car have different options for preparing for the taxi radio. A security system can also be coupled to the taxi radio.

Roof sign annex and taxi altar system

The roof sign attachment is also one of the modifications that have to be made to a car so that it can be operated as a taxi. It is a particularly important feature of a taxi. Sometimes it is necessary to grow a special one roof rack for the professional assembly of the taxi sign. Different metal supports are used for this. This also depends on the vehicle model. The latest version of such a roof sign has red light-emitting diodes. These are integrated into the roof sign for the "silent alarm" and can be triggered by the driver by pressing a button in the event of a threat or danger to the taxi driver. The red LEDs in the roof sign are part of the taxi alarm system. There are also roof signs that are attached using magnets and therefore do not require a special roof rack.

Coating in RAL 1015 duty?

Taxis are almost always beige: But why is that? The color (RAL 1015) bears the name light ivory. In many federal states, the color of taxis is a legal requirement. But there are also exceptions. In Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and also in Baden-Württemberg, the choice of color is optional. But even if it is not a requirement, taxi drivers almost always use the familiar beige. Mainly due to the high recognition value. Hardly any taxi company opts for other colors or black. Such cars just go under in the crowd. If the company decides on a different color, then the vehicle will be highlighted with eye-catching advertising or lettering. And another characteristic of a taxi: The serial number is always on the rear window. By the way, the cabin has to hold a sign with the name and address of the taxi company.

the slightly different taxi: Peugeot 407 from "TAXI 5"

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Taxi conversion Taxi equipment Taximeter 2 1 Earn money by converting to a taxi!

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Handbrake Boot Handbrake Bellows Locking Bell e1575875425112 310x165 Making money by converting to a taxi!

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Warning Triangle First aid kit Breakdown kit e1575871938729 310x165 Converting to a taxi is money by car!

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Shift boot bellows bellows 310x165 By car make money converting to a taxi!

Everything in view with an on-board computer in the vehicle!

On-board computer infotainment tuning 4 e1575706228944 310x165 Making money by converting to a taxi!

Prerequisite for the roof rack - the roof rails!

Roof railing railing 310x165 Making money by converting to a taxi!

Safety from racing - HANS safety system

HANS Security System FHR System 2 310x165 Making money by converting to a taxi!

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