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Safety from racing - HANS safety system

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HANS safety system FHR system 2 safety from racing HANS safety system

The HANS safety system is a safety system for the helmet in the automobile sport. HANS or HANS stands for Head and Neck Support, translated from English for head and neck support. More specifically, it is a frontal head restraint. This system is intended to protect racers from serious injuries in the head and neck area and thus from a possible paraplegia, for example, in a rollover of the race car. In such a case, it can indeed come to whiplash syndrome, so an overstretching of the cervical spine. The safety system, which consists of several interconnected components, thus prevents extreme accelerations of the head in the event of an accident. At the same time, as already mentioned, forces acting on the neck and head area are absorbed. In addition, it prevents the driver in the event of an accident with his head on the steering wheel bounces.

Origin and applications

HANS safety system FHR system 3 safety from racing HANS safety system

The HANS security system was developed in the mid-1980 years by Robert Hubbard, an employee of Michigan State University. Initially, the system was only used in races in the sports car class. From 1997 also a formula-1-compatible version was developed and used there from the season 2003. For private races, as offered by various motor sports associations on specially rented racetracks, the HANS security system can also be used. The question is whether the helmets and the complete system are not too expensive for the hobby riders. It is possible to retrofit some helmets with corresponding HANS clips. However, helmets with the HANS security system have also been compulsory in German mountain racing since 2008.

Parts and designs

HANS safety system FHR system e1575866122481 Safety from racing HANS safety system

A HANS security system consists of a shoulder corset made of carbon fiber reinforced synthetic resin. This is firmly connected to the driver's helmet. The shoulder corset is also fixed under the seat belt of the race car. The helmet, which fits to a HANS security system, is also provided with attachment points. Because of the different seating positions depending on the racing car model, the HANS safety system offers different variants. In the upright seating position, the system with 10 ° is recommended. If the sitting position in the race car is rather half-lying, the system with 40 ° is the right choice. In addition, the HANS 2 security system is available in various designs depending on the thickness of the neck. The designs differ not in the construction, but in terms of the material used. There is a lightweight version with reinforced carbon fibers and a version made of plastics reinforced with fibers. Whether a helmet is officially approved in connection with the HANS system can be recognized by the fact that the helmet has a hologram sticker. However, this hologram must then bear a mark with FIA 8859-2015 or FIA 8858-2010. HANS Clips are all tested with the FIA ​​8858-2010 and therefore approved.

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