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Lift kit - the ideal function for lowered cars!

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Pandem Widebody Lexus RC F Airride Avant Garde Tuning 6 Lift Kit The ideal function for lowered cars!

The nightmare of most tuners: You drive through the city in a new, deep car and discover a threshold in front of you that is the one front lip would tear off. Whether these situations, steep car park entrances or any landings in the road. Vehicles with low ground clearance, for example with a retrofitted one coilover, quickly reach their limits with such obstacles. And that can quickly show up in the form of a torn off spoiler or damage to the underbody. Driver one hydraulic- or Air suspension (Airride) have a level of comfort that coilover kit owners normally do not have: they can raise and lower their vehicle at the push of a button to have the optimum ground clearance for every situation. But this convenience can also be retrofitted - with a so-called Lift Kit.

What are lift kits?

Lift Kit HLS Level Lift Suspension Lift Kit The ideal function for lowered cars!

Lift kits are small hydraulic systems that can be combined with a coilover kit to lift low-lying sports cars at the push of a button, making them more suitable for everyday use. Depending on the model, they are available as an extension set for the standard suspension or as a complete set for the tuning suspension. But there are also vehicles ex works that have this function. Mostly in the field of athletes or super athletes. The McLaren 600LT Coupe or the Ferrari 488 GTB would be such examples.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Lift Kit HLS Level Lift Suspension 1 Lift Kit The ideal function for lowered cars!

An important advantage is the improved suitability for everyday use in lowered vehicles. The additional regulation allows the driver to take advantage of one sporty coilover suspension, namely the tight and sporty road holding, combine with the advantages of an air suspension, the flexible and fast level control. Thus, he uses the strengths of both systems without experiencing the weaknesses. A possible disadvantage can be an additional suspension, which makes the chassis spongy. However, this behavior should not actually occur. Of course, there are also the additional costs for the system and an additional weight. Another advantage is the basic ability to register with the test organizations. In most cases it is possible to have the lift kit entered without any problems so that it can be used legally on public roads.

What should you pay attention to?

From cheap Forgery and “botch-offers” you should definitely keep your hands off, because on the one hand you could endanger your own life and that of other road users, and on the other hand the expiry of the approval of your own car. In the case of cheap lift kit solutions, savings are often made on the quality of the material, the workmanship and the expertise that has been brought in, which means that the inspector does not remove the chassis because it is not guaranteed to function properly.

Tip: this is how you drive a lowered car!

This results in high follow-up costs as the vehicle has to be retrofitted. Instead, this money should be invested in a high-quality lift kit that you can enjoy for a long time to come. You shouldn't skimp on the installation either. Installing the lift kit yourself in order to save a little money might occur to many, but specialist knowledge and the appropriate tools are required to carry out the installation properly. That is why it makes sense in most cases to leave the installation to a workshop. You shouldn't save at the wrong end here.

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Widebody De Tomaso Pantera Kean Suspension Skoell Accuair Tuning 33 Lift Kit The ideal function for lowered cars!

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Handbrake Boot Handbrake Bellows Seatbelts e1575875425112 310x165 Lift Kit The ideal function for lowered cars!

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Half car Anh% C3% A4ngerauto Funhanger Conversion 5 310x165 Lift Kit The ideal function for lowered cars!

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Massage Seat Mat Massage Mat Multifunction Pad 2 310x165 Lift Kit The ideal function for lowered cars!

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Taxium Taxium% C3% BCstung Taximeter 310x165 Lift Kit The ideal function for lowered cars!

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Paint Car Spray Can Spray Can 310x165 Lift Kit The ideal function for lowered cars!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Lift Kit The ideal function for lowered cars!

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