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Do it yourself - paint the car with the spray can!

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Paint your car spray can spray paint Do it yourself Paint the car with the spray can!

Painting a car is of course just as easy. But painting by a professional is often extremely expensive and if you like to work on your car and have several days to do it, painting is definitely a job that you can do yourself in your garage. There are different methods that you can use. You can use the paint Brush, with a roll or with the spray can.

The benefits of paint spray

Paint your car Spray Can spray can paint 4 Do it yourself Paint the car with the spray can!

Spraying the paint is a little easier than the other two methods. Spraying makes it easier for you to get into corners and crevices that are too narrow or difficult to access for the roller or brush. With a little skill, the varnish also becomes more uniform than with a brush or roller. With a really absolutely uniform result, as you are used to from the workshop, you can not count on any of the three methods, if you are not a professional and also have a spray booth. Even applied varnish will always be thicker or thinner in some places than in others, and the surface will rarely be completely free of orange peel. With the spray can you can avoid visible brush marks on your car and in places like that side skirts, the lower part of the aprons or in the area of ​​the doors, tailgate or bonnet "inside", a spray can is often sufficient. And also attachments like one spoiler, rear spoiler or the Mirror covers can be painted with a spray can.

Proper preparation is important

Paint your car Spray Can spray can paint 2 Do it yourself Paint the car with the spray can!

It is important that you buy a sufficient amount of paint. Better take one can too much than one too little, because if you have to interrupt work at the wrong time until you have a new one, you will not get a nice and lasting result. Before you start painting your car, it can also make sense to first practice on a less valuable object as you best apply the paint evenly. Before painting, you have to sand the old paint if possible or at least sand it. You can do that by hand. With a grinding machine, however, it is much faster and it becomes more even. Dismantle the parts to be painted for work and after sanding clean them with a solvent such as thinner or spirit. Make sure that the solvents do not contain oils. Before you actually start painting, it is important that you really cover everything that must not be colored. Also, don't forget to wear appropriate work clothes and a respirator.

The painting process with the can!

First, apply a suitable primer. Make sure to spray as evenly as possible and not miss any point. At the end of the component you should briefly release the button and then go over the component with the can. In the other direction you press the spray button shortly “in front of” the component and paint to the other side. In this way, you avoid double the amount of paint on the edges and this prevents sagging. Let the primer dry and then lightly sand it again - but don't remove it! - to make them smoother and to remove bumps and dust inclusions. Then you apply the first layer of the actual paint. Don't try to get the varnish so thick that the primer is completely covered. Too much liquid paint is applied and it starts to run. Let the first layer dry for about 10 minutes (depending on the paint, environmental influences, etc.) and then apply a second layer to achieve the desired coverage. If the paint is still not thick enough, you can apply another layer. When you're happy with the coverage, let the paint dry completely before adding clear coat. You can also sand this down a little later and polish it with sandpaper that has more than 2000 grit to improve the result even more. But be careful not to remove too much paint so that no repainting is necessary. PS. Clear varnish is not used for every varnish. You can get all the information you need from the suppliers of the colors.

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Paint your car Spray Can spray can paint 3 Do it yourself Paint the car with the spray can!

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  1. Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to paint the car yourself. I never thought it would be that easy with a spray can. Of course, you don't have to forget primer and clear coat to have a professional result. I'd like to try that too.

  2. I never thought that you could paint cars with a spray can. I want to have my car painted, but I will probably drive to a workshop to have the car painted there. Thanks for this interesting post!

  3. Thomas Karbowski

    Thanks for the tip to make sure that you have bought sufficient amounts of paint before you start painting. My uncle decided to paint his new car himself. He asked for my assistance, although I'm not particularly well versed in the field either. In search of further information I came across the website

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