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Are special signaling systems permitted on private vehicles?

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Special signaling systems Martinshorn Blue light e1576214416785 Are special signaling systems permitted on private vehicles?

In order to be able to move quickly on the road, rescue workers such as the fire brigade, the emergency services, but also the police are equipped with special signaling systems (Section 52 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations - StVZO). A special signal system consists of two parts. Namely from the blue lights and the Martinshorn, which causes a loud sound. When using a special signal system, all road users are requested to make space immediately. After all, in the event of a fire, medical emergency, or burglary, it can be every second.

Ban on private vehicles

BMW M235i Dubai Police Style Foiling Holland Tuning VDE 8 Are special signal systems permitted on private vehicles?

Private vehicles that do not belong to the group that is entitled under the road traffic regulations may use their vehicle none Install and operate the special signal system. And that's true even if the special signal system can not be is ready for use. This legal situation is certainly surprising. You can buy special signal systems anywhere. Use should be limited to the party room or workshop. If you ignore such a ban, this can lead to two penalties in the worst case. On the one hand, an administrative offense, as one violates the requirements of the road traffic regulations. The second penalty can be much more serious.

This is about the charge of presumption of office (Section 132 of the Criminal Code (StGB)). After all, a layperson cannot tell whether the private vehicle is a civilian police or fire service vehicle. Depending on the severity, you can face a fine or a prison sentence of up to two years. Further penalties are quite possible, for example if you drive illegally with an active special signaling system in traffic. The additional allegation of road traffic hazard could then be raised here. A deviation from this rule is only possible in cases where, for example, the fire or police car has a historical value. But even in such a case, use of the system in public space would not be permitted, for example. Rather, the system would have to be covered here.

Other forms of a special signal system

Special signaling systems Martinshorn Yellow light e1576214672727 Are special signaling systems permitted on private vehicles?

In addition to the classic special signal system with a blue light, there are also other variants. Namely with a yellow or a red light. Such a special signal system consists of only one light and has no sound system. Yellow lights can be seen especially on construction site vehicles. The yellow light serves as a warning for the other road users. No rights are associated with the yellow light, as is the case with the blue light. Irrespective of this, a yellow or red light may not be used in traffic unless you have the official approval. However, special signal systems with a red light or a color other than blue and yellow are not approved anyway, although such models can be freely obtained from retailers. 

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  1. I think red special signal systems can also be approved in special cases, as some of the Follow Me cars at Frankfurt Airport are approved and are also allowed to drive outside the apron. The Follow Me's are each equipped with red special signal systems, which are necessary for the necessary rights on the apron.

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