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Tuning garbage at a special price - the disc brake dummy!

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Disc brake dummy dummy 4 e1576132010645 tuning garbage at a special price the disc brake dummy!

Many small cars are equipped with drum brakes on the rear axle. However, when awakened, these awaken little sportiness and appear slow and sluggish. You can now find out why this is so and what can remedy the situation. But the drum brake is effective and sometimes even more durable than a disc brake. Reliable brakes are indispensable for traffic safety in cars. Whether a disc brake or a drum brake is the better choice has been the subject of lively discussions at the regulars' table for years. Both types have specific advantages and disadvantages.

What are drum brakes?

Drum brake construction e1576132071876 tuning garbage at a special price the disc brake dummy!

Drum brakes are brakes in which the brake pad is pressed against a drum from the inside, which creates friction, which brings about a braking effect. The brake is released mechanically via several components that are located in the rotating brake drum. The drum brake was first installed in a car in 1900, after which they became established throughout the industry. Due to its design, the drum brake has some advantages, but also disadvantages. For example, it is less wear-resistant than a disc brake, but changing the brake pads is comparatively complex. In addition, the heat dissipation is bad under heavy load and vehicles with drum brakes on the front axle tend to break out when braking. As a result, drum brakes are not ideal for a sporty driving style or sporty vehicles and are therefore not associated with them. However, they are still used on the rear axle of small cars, since the disadvantages mentioned are less serious there and you can take advantage of them.

What are disc brakes?

Audi A6 C7 Brembo Bremse AG Wheels Tuning 15 Tuning Rubbish at a special price the dummy disc brakes!

disc brakes work much easier: a brake caliper encloses a brake disc attached to the wheel hub. Inside the brake caliper are two brake pads, which press brake pads against the brake disc from both sides in order to decelerate the vehicle. The disc brake was installed in cars from 1905 (Lanchester disc brake) and has a great advantage due to its simple structure. Thanks to its open design and various variants and ventilation, it can be optimally cooled, which prevents heat build-up and the resulting damage. It is also extensible in size and therefore braking power, which makes it irreplaceable in racing. Systems with 6 pistons at the front and 4 pistons at the rear are extremely effective, for example, and can also be used in vehicles with an engine output of 1.000 HP. There are also even larger systems. The decisive factor is always the area of ​​application of the vehicle, the wallet and of course the rim that is installed in front of the brake system.

even the saddle is just fake

Disc brake dummy dummy 5 tuning garbage at a special price the disc brake dummy!

And as it is, there are companies that make even the most senseless idea of ​​money. After Caliper dummies there are also dummies for the drum brake. This suggests that the rear axle actually has a powerful disc brake. Anyone who drives a small car with drum brakes, has the possibility of installing disc brakes dummies to give a sporty character to his vehicle. At first glance (for the layman) the dummies look like a brake disc and become similar to one spacer mounted behind the rim. This does not affect the function of the drum brake, optically the vehicle gets the look of disc brakes and suggests more power. However, most people immediately notice that the brake caliper is missing, which allows the dummies to be quickly identified as such.

Disc brake dummy dummy discs dummy tuning garbage at a special price the disc brake dummy!

Due to the design, it is often sometimes larger than the "real" disc brake on the front axle. In many systems, the brake drum must admittedly be completely covered. But there are also variants that simply sit directly “in front of” the brake drum. These are smaller, but the underlying brake drum located is visible yet. In addition, the disc will probably look always new, they will eventually never used. The result is ALWAYS embarrassing and admission is partly not possible! Luckily… Alternatively, there is of course the option of converting from drum brakes to disc brakes, but the ratio of costs and benefits should be well thought out, since drum brakes can make more sense than disc brakes with the appropriate motor output.

Disc brake dummy dummy 6 tuning garbage at a special price the disc brake dummy!

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