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What does a catalyst protection / catalyst cleaner do?

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If the vehicle has run many kilometers, it can happen that the exhaust system verschmutzt and the catalyst is no longer doing its job properly. The cause here is often a strong one Sooting / soiling. Injectors and valves can also be affected. As an impact, they show up high emission values and an higher fuel consumption. The reason is that the gasoline is not properly entering the combustion chamber and the exhaust gases are no longer properly filtered. To fix that, you can do it with a liquid first Catalyst cleaner try. If it doesn't work, you should go to the workshop for professional cleaning / replacement of any parts.

What does the catalyst cleaner do?

The catalyst cleaner cleans the exhaust system, as well as the valves, the combustion chambers and many other components of the engine. The detergent dissolves the dirt and debris - especially in the catalytic converter - and enables clean combustion again. If there are still soot residues in the catalytic converter, then these will also be on and off. The exhaust gases that reach the catalytic converter are carried by the soot filtered worse and more harmful exhaust gases get past the catalytic converter into the environment. That doesn't happen with a clean catalytic converter.

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And this is exactly where such a cleaner comes in. The dirt is loosened and decomposed by cleaning additives. In addition, many cleaners even increase the octane number of the fuel, which leads to a Increase in performance and particularly clean combustion leads. The fuel is namely better and more even burned. Special additives also enable carboxylic acids and aldehydes to be formed during combustion, which also have a cleaning effect in the exhaust system.

How is the cleaner used?

The cleaner can usually simply be added to the tank. A note on the packaging usually shows how many liters of fuel the respective cleaner is designed for. It is also important to note whether the cleaner for gasoline or diesel engines is designed. One specified by the manufacturer mixing ratio should of course be taken into account when adding to the fuel. After the cleaner has been added, the engine must be run. The cleaner present in the fuel now gradually removes the dirt. At the same time he ensures that the functionality of the catalytic converter is restored.

Catalyst cleaner application What does a catalyst protection / catalyst cleaner do?

Was the exhaust system heavily soiled and the functionality of the catalytic converter previously bad limited, there should already be an improvement in the emission values ​​after the first application. With regular use, the exhaust system permanent kept in good condition. However, such a cleaner has to be permanent should not be used. The big advantage of the liquid cleaning agent is that the catalytic converter or other parts of the engine or the exhaust system not expanded Need to become. The simple application saves time and money. She also bends maybe (no guarantee can be given) an extensive repair of various engine components. In our opinion, it is definitely worth a try, especially if there are minor problems with the Kat.

Conclusion on the subject of catalyst cleaner!

A catalyst cleaner freed the exhaust system from the dirt and cleans the catalytic converter. He can This helps to pass an upcoming exhaust gas test in the course of the main inspection, since no increased emissions are achieved with a clean exhaust system. Many cleaners also increase the octane number and thus slightly increase the performance of the engine. There is no guarantee that the cleaner will actually adequately dissolve stubborn dirt in the catalytic converter. Depending on the running time and degree of soiling, it may also be that the catalytic converter has to be professionally regenerated or even replaced with a new one. There one Catalyst cleaner but already for under 10 Euro is available, an application as an attempt to loosen the pollution cannot hurt.

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