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Digital vignette - the alternative to the "disc sticker"!

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Digital Vignette Pickerl E Vignette Digital Vignette the alternative to the disc pickerl!

If you want to travel to Austria or want to use the Brenner Pass, for example to go to Italy, Croatia or Hungary, you have to think of a toll sticker. Because a toll is mandatory on Austria's expressways and motorways. And an additional toll is even levied for certain areas, for example in tunnels. In addition to the well-known adhesive vignette, there is now also a digital version of the vignette. And you should definitely think about buying a “sticker”, because driving in Austria without a vignette can result in fines of 65 to 240 euros. Tips on the digital vignette are given below.

Why a digital vignette?

Digital Vignette Pickerl E Vignette 3 Digital Vignette the alternative to the disc pickerl!

Ultimately, the digital vignette does not differ in content from the well-known sticker vignettes, which are mandatory when driving on Austria's motorways and expressways. They must be installed in the upper left area of ​​the windshield (alternatively behind the rearview mirror). The glued vignette must always be clearly visible, which is why it should be attached behind you Tint stripes forbidden is. Since 2018, the digital vignette has been available in Austria as an option if the front window is not to be taped shut. It is a good alternative in electronic form. In the end, the vignette is used to pay the toll fees that Austria charges.

Differences between sticker and digital vignette?

3D license plate experience tuning 31 digital vignette the alternative to the disc sticker!

The digital vignette is complete with that License-plates of the vehicle. The digital vignette can be purchased online. For this, the vehicle registration number and an email address must be stored for verification. An invoice will then be sent to the recipient by email. The vehicle registration number is automatically recorded in the system of the Austrian motorway company. There is also an automatic license plate check at controls as to whether a digital vignette has been purchased if there is no glued vignette on the vehicle window. The vignette check is completely automated, so you don't even have to stop.

What are the advantages of a digital vignette?

The advantage is that the vignette no longer has to be stuck to the windshield, so that no residue remains on the windshield when it is removed, which would have to be laboriously removed using solvent removers etc. And with this variant, there is no loss of vignette if the window breaks. Furthermore, the ordering and payment process is very easy and uncomplicated to carry out from home, without having to go anywhere to buy the vignette.

What should be considered with the digital vignette?

As a precaution, the online receipt issued for the vignette purchase should be carried with you during the journey as proof of documentation. Even Change indicator benefit from the digital version because up to three vehicle license plates can be entered. When buying online, however, there is a blocking period for the use of the vignette, because this is an online purchase that is subject to the right of withdrawal. The blocking period is 18 days and can only be circumvented if the digital vignette is purchased from known advance booking offices.

Tip: In this way, the old vignette is removed without leaving any residue!

Then it applies immediately. In total, there are vignettes with a validity period of 10 days, one year or two months. Furthermore, additional road tolls must be taken into account for some motorway sections and tunnels. These route tolls can also be paid electronically in advance. The advantage of this is that you can drive through these controls because the license plate has already been recorded and is checked automatically. Driving through saves time. It is not necessary to stop on the special lane.

the most important information for Austria summarized:

  • for all motor vehicles up to 3,5 tons gross vehicle weight
  • the GO-Box system is available for trucks
  • Costs depend among other things on the type of vehicle
  • Driving in Austria without a vignette costs fines of 65 to 240 euros
  • Toll from Austria applies to all cars on all motorways and expressways (over 2.000 kilometers are subject to toll)
  • State highway and expressway finance AG (ASFINAG) financed the system
  • Tolls may also apply to private roads in Austria (Großglockner High Alpine Road, Malta High Alpine Road, Silvretta High Alpine Road)
  • Bridges and tunnels (Brenner, Tauern tunnel, Gleinalm tunnel) are chargeable
  • three tariffs are available (10-day vignette, 2-month vignette, annual vignette)
  • A distinction is made between cars, caravans and motorcycles
  • Billing is not route-related (as in Italy), but rather as a flat rate
  • Sales network via rest areas, traffic clubs, petrol stations, tobacco shops (kiosks / tobacco shops)
  • E-vignette can be purchased via or the ASFINAG app (valid for private individuals at the earliest 18 days after purchase, valid for entrepreneurs immediately)
  • the vignette for gluing must be attached in the upper left area of ​​the windshield (alternatively behind the rear view mirror)
  • Compliance with the vignette obligation by the police, toll supervision, camera systems, which carry out an automated vignette check
  • Special toll (special toll ticket) for motor vehicles up to 3,5 tonnes on particularly cost-intensive sections of the route can be purchased as a single trip or as an annual ticket (special toll routes are not subject to a toll sticker)
  • Video toll using a video toll card

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Digital Vignette Pickerl E Remove vignette Digital vignette the alternative to the disc pickerl!

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  1. Thanks for these tips on the digital vignette. I didn't know that in Austria you had to rely on a badge and otherwise you would have to pay a fine of up to 240 euros. To be on the safe side, I'll have my car checked again before I go on vacation to Austria.

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