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Door projectors entry lighting Tuning eye-catcher door projectors and entry lighting

You want to customize your car to your personal taste, but have already used all the components and would like to miss your work now the finishing touch with a suitable lighting and therefore seek advice? We researched for you and give you the most important facts you need to know.

Which door projectors and entrance lighting are there and which functions do they have?

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In most cases, door projectors or entrance lights serve as an entry-level aid for the driver, who is ultimately supposed to recognize even in poor light conditions whether he is getting in or out of his vehicle correctly and is not stepping into a puddle. However, these aids are also used in the field of car tuning, where you want to create a nicer or more dynamic look. Especially when autotuning you have to inform yourself, because there are only certain colors and shapes allowed, which can be found at countless online retailers but also in the car accessories around the corner. If it is just a mere lighting that is not garish or even flickering, you can usually install it without a special permission. Such a permission is only needed if it is a so-called laser logo, which uses a laser to project an individual logo onto the street or if certain colors such as blue or red are used. These are often reserved as alarm signals and are therefore not allowed in many cases, because you want to avoid confusion in traffic. Regardless of the colors, you also have to check the individual logos, as the motifs must comply with the law. If you are unsure or in doubt, it would be wise to consult an expert. From the technology you can use almost any motif, as long as no small details have to be shown. Therefore, photos would not make sense because they would appear out of focus.

How is the individual door lighting installed?

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If your vehicle has door lighting installed anyway, you can use this cable. First of all, for safety reasons, you should disconnect the battery and then remove the old lighting. If you have purchased a system that is plug & play for your vehicle, you only have to connect the new lighting and you're done. If not, you'll need to make the necessary adjustments. If the lighting is a projector, you also have to make sure that it points downwards. If your vehicle has no lighting, the cables must first be laid. The best thing to do is to look for the garage you trust as a door contact must also be installed.

not plug & play? Then better in the workshop!

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