What is a full acceptance according to §21 StVZO or §13 EG-FGV?

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All vehicles in Germany for road traffic are to be approved require a approval. An operating permit is a confirmation that the vehicle meets the applicable regulations. If a special vehicle is to be registered in Germany for the first time, no type approval is present, then one Individual operating permit needed. the Individual operating permit then applies specifically to the tuned, imported or non-series produced vehicle. However, owners are often faced with the problem that the necessary documents such as COC Papiere (Certificate of Conformity) or the operating license is missing. In this case, however, the experts from the common testing organizations from TüV, Dekra, GtÜ etc. can often help to obtain the missing documents so that the problems can be solved. However, one thing is fact: Import vehicle, barn find or individually tuned car - street legal is a must!

Imported Vehicles & Classic Cars

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Do you want an import vehicle without a German one? ABE (General operating permit) or without EC type-approval permit, then you usually need one before re-admission Full acceptance. Need one for the imported vehicle technical data sheet, then you can determine the necessary data via the TÜV import data sheet service. Likewise, many need restored Oldtimer, unique without papers or barn finds before re-admission Full acceptance according to § 21 StVZO. Most classic car experts from the major testing organizations are happy to help. Here, too, we can cite the TüV as an example, which usually makes it possible to come up with a technical data sheet for the vintage car (Classic Car Data Sheet Service) to determine the correct data of the vehicle easily and conveniently. Because the owner of a young or oldtimer often lacks such a technical data sheet.

What is checked during the full acceptance?

The legal basis for full acceptance are the EC directives and Section 21 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). Compliance, the technical condition and the traffic safety of the vehicle by an officially recognized expert geprüft. Among other things, an investigation of the scope of a General inspection included in the acceptance. In addition, the expert assesses whether individual parts, such as headlights, reflectors or type label may need to be converted. The appraiser then enters the exact data of the vehicle for the creation of the registration certificates Part I (vehicle registration) and Part II (vehicle registration).

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It should be noted that the regulations for approval are always decisive, which ones at the time of initial admission were valid. If you are missing proof or other technical data, the testing organization will certainly help you to obtain the missing documents, as already mentioned. In some cases, the in-house laboratories of the testing organizations can even help you if necessary. The TÜV has about laboratories for photometric appraisals. Various exhaust gas reports or EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) reports can also be prepared. In the end it's all just a matter of money! After the vehicle has been successfully inspected, it can be checked by the local authority the operating license is granted. The vehicle can then be approved for use on public roads in Germany.

Key facts on the subject of full reports in accordance with § 21 STVZO

  • Paragraph 21 StVZO regulates the operating license for individual vehicles
  • in the full report according to § 21 STVZO, the compliance of the vehicle with the registration regulations is checked (Emission behavior, noise limits, braking system, lighting equipment, etc.)
  • A full report is mandatory for a vehicle that has been out of service for more than 7 years if none of the following documents are available for re-registration:
    – data confirmation
    – Certificate of individual approval
    – EC Certificate of Conformity
  • A full report is required for vehicles that have been imported into Germany from abroad (except for new or used vehicles with EEC operating license and EC declaration of conformity)
  • imported vehicles from non-EU countries (e.g. USA/Canada) must always have a full report
  • Exceptions for import vehicles
    - the approval authority can grant an exemption if the conversion cannot be implemented/justified (e.g Missing headlamp leveling on vehicles from EZ 01.1990)
  • the scale of fees for special permits is between 10 and 500 € for a single permit (6 to 10 exceptions are often necessary for modern vehicles from the USA)
  • used vehicles require an emissions test (AU)
  • per exception: 50 €
  • up to 3 exceptions: €100
  • more than 3 exceptions: €150
    – Prices are individual
  • like the HU two years
  • up to seven years

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