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So that nothing disappears in the car - the gap cushion!

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AntiDrop gap pillow filler e1581058541965 So that nothing disappears in the car the gap pillow!

If you have bought a car, you also want it to stay clean and tidy. But not everything you need is already in the car when you buy it. Some things can be added afterwards and thus improve / optimize the car and its equipment. A gap filler or gap cushion can be used as additional equipment.

What is the gap cushion good for?

AntiDrop gap pillow filler organizer 3 e1581059117723 So that nothing disappears in the car the gap pillow!

Everyone knows how to sit in the car and then hear something falling out of his pocket here and there. It then falls between the seats and usually lies in such a way that it is not easy to get at all and not at all while driving. And when you get home, you may have forgotten that something fell at all and so it accumulates more and more under the seat or the cracks in the back seat. But dust and dirt can also accumulate in the cracks of the car over time. Again, it is extremely difficult to implement with a vacuum cleaner if the small gaps are to be completely clean again. But a so-called gap cushion or a gap filler can help. They are placed on the edge of the seats in the direction of the center console, creating a direct transition without anything falling into the cracks. If something falls down, it slides forward or lies directly on the gap cushion. It is almost impossible for objects to disappear under the seat and in the cracks and never appear again. Especially not important items like keys, money, etc.

Passage for belt buckle is important

The gap cushions are designed so that they leave some space for the buckle so that you can relax and buckle up without any problems without having to contort yourself. So everything stays safe and nobody can complain about what you do with your car. By the way, there is not only the variant as a pillow, there are also options for a pocket (or whatever you call it) to order. The gap between the seat and the center console is also filled here, but the utensil can also be used as a practical storage box. Of course, with this variant, too, care must be taken to ensure that the belt buckle is not impaired.

Do I get into trouble with the gap filler?

AntiDrop gap pillow filler organizer e1581058889354 So that nothing disappears in the car the gap pillow!

If the police stop you, they might have a look inside the car. Can you provoke because of the installation of the gap pillows? No, because you don't change the roadworthiness of the car if that buckle is not impaired in function. Unlike screwing on the engine or exhaust, you can change countless things in the interior, pearl editions or just install a gap cushion or put a cube or dachshund in the car. It is not a problem and you are legally on the right side. It is just an individual improvement and relief of everyday life in the car.

Conclusion on the gap filler pillow

Gap pillows are a welcome addition to the vehicle interior. They close annoying crevices and prevent objects from disappearing into the cracks of the car forever. In addition, such a pillow also prevents excessive dirt accumulation. You are also legally on the safe side because it does not hinder when you are driving and you can buckle up properly. From a legal point of view, everything is clear and the expansion makes driving easier. So avoid items such as keys, cell phones, children's toys and even food disappearing forever. The pillows are easy to attach and easy to clean. Such upholstery fits in almost every vehicle.

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