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Like at home - the induction charger for the smartphone!

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Induction charger charging pad car Like at home The induction charger for the smartphone!

Car chargers for smartphones, laptops and tablet PCs are no longer uncommon. The articles are available in many variants and with different functional features and sometimes start at less than 5 euros. If you want to equip your car with a car charger for your smartphone, you can now also use inductive versions. Induction chargers for the car are discussed in more detail below.

Inductive charging - what does it mean?

Induction charger charging pad Auto 2 Like at home The induction charger for the smartphone!

Inductive charging is a technology that enables wireless energy transfer. Smartphones and other smart devices (Smartwatches, bluetooth headphones) can be charged with an inductive charger, depending on the model. Inductive charging is also known as "wireless charging" and has also arrived in the automotive sector for a number of years. Inductive charging is the standard for high-end cell phones at many smartphone manufacturers, such as Apple and Samsung. The induction technology can also be retrofitted in older cars and enables interested tuners to charge their smartphones wirelessly while driving by simply placing them on the charging station.

Induction Charger variants

Induction charger charging pad Auto 3 e1581314148144 Like at home The induction charger for the smartphone!

The induction chargers for cell phones differ in their design. The area of ​​application in particular plays a role in the design of the chargers. Induction chargers for the home are available as upright stations or in flat versions. Operation is very easy. To charge the battery, the smartphone can simply be placed on the flat induction chargers or placed in the upright stations. The smartphone's battery charges wirelessly, provided the smartphone is suitable for induction charging. Wireless chargers for motor vehicles are also available in horizontal versions as well as with specific vehicle brackets. The materials from which the chargers are made can also vary. Induction chargers are available in glass, leather, wood and plastic, for example.

Vehicle induction chargers - how are they constructed?

Induction chargers for the car or for another motor vehicle are often with a clamp for the fan slot or a suction cup for mounting in the car. The articles can be purchased with the current Qi charging standard. Induction chargers that fit in car cup holders are also commercially available. There are also chargers that can replace the storage compartment and in which the smartphone can be easily inserted. In addition to that in the cup holder, this variant is the most visually successful, but can only be ordered for specific vehicles and is often relatively complex to install. If you own an older vehicle, you can buy one of the induction chargers available from specialist dealers to upgrade the motor vehicle. In modern vehicles, such as certain KIA, BMW, Audi or Hyundai car models, induction chargers can be purchased as additional equipment.

Induction chargers for the car - what to look for?

First of all, the interested tuner should know whether his smartphone even has the induction charging function. If the smartphone can be charged by induction, then you should ask the specialist retailer whether there is an induction charger available from the manufacturer as an accessory for the respective car model. If this is not the case, one of the commercially available car induction chargers can be purchased. Attention should be paid to 12-volt connection options for the charger itself and a convenient attachment. The charger should be easy to integrate.

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Induction charger charging pad Auto 4 e1581314288127 Like at home The induction charger for the smartphone!

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Antenna ball Antenna protector Antennae% e3 4x1581082165550 Like at home The induction charger for the smartphone!

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Graphite paste Graphite paste Brake Auto Tuning 310x165 Like at home The induction charger for the smartphone!

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