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OBD Protector: An innovative protective shield for the vehicle!

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OBD Protector: An innovative protective shield for the vehicle!

When one hears the term "vehicle theft," one often thinks of broken windows, picked door locks, or forced ignitions. But in our digital era, the method that thieves use to steal cars has long since changed further developed. Today, criminals use technological advances to gain unauthorized access to vehicles. One of these methods concerns the OBD socket (On board diagnostics). And this is exactly where he sets OBD protector to counteract at least a little the modern risk of theft. Of course, such a lock is for the OBD socket no guarantee to ensure that the thief does not steal the vehicle after all. But he could make sure that the criminal's venture was simple and poignant becomes too time consuming and he therefore aborts the process.

What is the OBD can and why is it a target?

The OBD socket is used to give the vehicle owner or a mechanic information about the status of various vehicle systems. With the right equipment (laptop, diagnostic tool etc.) can be accessed via the interface the Vehicle error codes read the Mileage check and many others Diagnostic functions carry out. Also as power source the OBD socket can be used, depending on the manufacturer.

But while it was primarily designed to diagnose and repair vehicles, thieves have discovered that they can use the OBD socket as well Access to the vehicle control can get. With special, readily available devices, the OBD socket can be used tohacken". Once they have access, they can immobilizer evade, new keys program for the vehicle or the Operate central locking and start car, all in just a few minutes or sometimes just seconds.

The OBD protector: Sense and purpose

  • This is where the OBD protector comes in, a relatively new one security product, which prevent access to the OBD socket, or at least significantly aggravate should. It's a physical barrier above the OBD socket installed and prevents unauthorized devices from being connected.
  • So the main purpose of the OBD protector is that protection of the vehicle against electronic theft attempts. At a time when thieves no longer rely solely on physical methods, but can also use digital tools, protecting sensitive interfaces is becoming increasingly important. The OBD protector offers exactly this protection.
  • You can compare the OBD lock with a steering wheel claw. The claw ensures that Steering wheel and at best the pedals in the footwell can no longer be used and the OBD protector does this with regard to the OBD connector.

How does the OBD protector work?

The OBD protector is usually made especially robust materials made that cannot be easily breached or circumvented in a very short time. Some Copies are made of reinforced steel and are designed to be accurate fit over the OBD socket and this completely cover. They will with special screws or others Fasteners secured, which can only be removed with special tools (similar to one Felgenschloss). Other models use a combination lock or another Back-up system for medifa XNUMX, which ensures that only the owner or an authorized person can remove the protector and gain access to the OBD socket can get.

Advantages of the OBD protector

  • Physical protection: Unlike many other security systems, the OBD Protector offers physical protection. Even if thieves try to force the cover off, they will find it difficult to do so without the right tools and skills.
  • OBD socket is damaged: With many protectors, forcibly removing them is a drag Defect of the OBD socket after himself. It's annoying, but definitely better than a stolen vehicle.
  • Deterrence: Just the presence of an OBD protector can act as a deterrent. Thieves often look for easy targets, and a visibly protected car can make them look for an easier target.
  • Simple installation: Many OBD protector models are easy to install and require no special knowledge or special tools.

Final Thoughts

The OBD protector is proof that vehicle safety keeps up with the times and with technology set a link from your homepage to While previous generations of car owners had to worry about "traditional" thieves, today's car owners must consider both physical and digital threats. The OBD protector ensures that at least of these digital entry points as best as possible protected is, and gives an additional level of security. It's a cheap investment in vehicle protection and in today's digital world it certainly is worth considering.

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