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Sleeve Pipe - It all depends on the right connection!

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Sleeve pipe sleeve pipe connector exhaust e1581598043720 Sleeve pipe It depends on the right connection!

If you want to tune the exhaust, you can't avoid a sleeve pipe. The right exhaust system has been found, now it's time to install it. Depending on which muffler is used, the exhaust system must be separated appropriately. In the past, the two pipes were welded afterwards. On the one hand, this has the disadvantage that the material warps during welding, and on the other hand, it is difficult for the inexperienced welder to produce a continuous and therefore tight weld. Today you use a so-called sleeve pipe or in other words, a sleeve. The material does not warp and the connection is tight. The diameter of the sleeve pipe must of course correspond to that of the exhaust system. The diameter of the exhaust pipe can be easily determined with a caliper or you can look at the product properties of the manufacturer. Even if there are different diameters on both sides, i.e. a reduction, there is the right sleeve pipe for the optimal connection.

some space is needed

Sleeve Pipe Sleeve Pipe Connector Exhaust 2 e1581598127836 Sleeve Pipe It all depends on the right connection!

However, there must be enough space where the sleeve pipe will be. The two clamps require some space to the body so that the clamp does not hit anywhere, rattles unpleasantly, or represents a fire hazard. The appropriate clamp to attach the sleeve pipe is usually included in the scope of delivery of the exhaust system. And if the original exhaust system is to be reinstalled later, this can almost always be done with little effort thanks to the screw connection. It may happen that a different radius is required so that the new exhaust system fits. There are either flexible, so-called, basalt knit sleeves, which are flexible to a certain extent, or a curved sleeve pipe at a fixed angle. And the basalt knit sleeve can easily be cut to the required length. If only a larger diameter or a double pipe as an exhaust end piece is to improve the look of the vehicle, this can be done conveniently with a sleeve pipe. In any case, it must be ensured that the tuning exhaust system is approved for the vehicle.

What else can a sleeve pipe do?

Sleeve Pipe Sleeve Pipe Connector Exhaust 3 e1581598358182 Sleeve Pipe It all depends on the right connection!

A sleeve pipe can be used for all vehicles, whether car, motorcycle or moped, since almost every diameter is available in online and specialist shops. A sleeve pipe can also be used to repair a leak in the exhaust pipe in order to avoid the effort and problems of welding. The damaged part continues to rust, but for a certain period of time this is a completely reliable method. And even if a used muffler is to be used that was damaged during removal or sawed off shortly after the clamp, a sleeve pipe is used for the quick and reliable connection. This makes it possible to compensate for the missing centimeters that may have disappeared due to the sawing off, and any welding work is no longer necessary.

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x pipe Tuning Sleeve Pipe It's all about the right connection!

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