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More speed at the push of a button - speed limiter with remote control!

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Launch Control LC Rev Limiter Retrofit More speed at the push of a button Speed ​​limiter with remote control!

rev are available in analog and digital versions and have been found in a wide variety of vehicles for decades. Models that can be activated by radio remote control and have an automatic reactivation are commercially available. Digital speed limiters enable a digital calculation of the speed and ensure control of the maximum speed of the motor. How exactly the parts work and whether there are any speed limiters with radio remote control for the car is explained below.

Speed ​​limiter - what function?

Speed ​​limiter radio remote control tuning DZB e1582372403838 More speed at the push of a button Speed ​​limiter with remote control!

A speed limiter, or DZB for short, consists of a microprocessor and is capable of continuously calculating, evaluating and checking the existing speed. The tuner can individually set a maximum speed with a speed limiter to protect the engine. If the limit is not reached, the speed limiter does not intervene. If the maximum speed is reached, the speed limiter regulates the machine. This means that there is no loss of power below the set maximum speed. Pre-stages can even be set to reduce the speed. This is necessary to keep the transition as soft as possible. The pre-stages ensure that every third ignition pulse is throttled, and just before the maximum engine speed is reached.

Speed ​​limiter - digital and analog

Cancel speed limit Tuning More speed at the push of a button Speed ​​limiter with remote control!

A distinction is made between analog limiters and digital half-turn limiters. Analog DZBs often have 4 capacitors that can be operated via dip switches or rotary encoders and set the speed limit using appropriate combinations. With 4 capacitors, only 15 stages can be selected and rough regulation can occur. A digital speed limiter is infinitely adjustable and the targeted speed can be set easily. And digital speed limiters are even available with a radio remote control. Throttling can be deactivated at any time on the DZB with remote control by pressing a button. Throttling is activated again if the ignition is briefly switched off and then switched on again or by pressing the button again. Throttling can also be reactivated using the remote control. The radio remote control of such a system is coded and should not be disturbed by other radio signals in the area.

Radio remote control - when is it used?

The devices are extremely small and consist of a housing and a fastening eye. They are supplied with a connection cable and cable fasteners. The assembly is considered easy. The devices are used on scooters and two-wheelers. Scooters and mopeds that have 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines can work with speed limiters. In cars, the items with radio remote control are usually not usable. The manufacturers of the devices state explicit compatibility problems with direct injection systems and also point out that the articles do not work with machines that have an electronic immobilizer. At least for the normal road vehicle, they are not suitable or even necessary. Such a system can make sense for competitive vehicles and is also available from time to time. Here the providers are very rare. There are also no universal systems. Which variant of a speed limiter with remote control is required for the race car depends on the vehicle, the built-in engine and the location. The speed limiter including remote control must be specially matched to the properties and the engine of the car. And the location is also crucial. Is it a Drift car, a long-distance racing car or an off-roader? These are important key data that should be clarified in advance.

DZB with radio remote control

Speed ​​limiters with radio remote control are better suited for two-wheelers such as scooters and mopeds. If you want to use a speed limiter with radio remote control for the scooter or moped, you should pay attention to compatibility and choose a digital and continuously adjustable variant. For the car, the points that we mentioned above should be noted.

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Tachometer performance increase tuning More speed at the push of a button Speed ​​limiter with remote control!

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