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Dodge Scat Pack Challenger Tuning 2017 Pettys Garage 25 More Power Modify the Compressor from the Engine!

A compressor increases the performance of the engine by increasing the air supply to the engine. Tuning compressors are available as an upgrade set and can also be professionally installed in a tuning workshop. The upgrade of the compressor is part of the performance tuning and should, together with other measures, permanently increase the performance of the vehicle. If the vehicle is factory-equipped with a naturally aspirated engine, a complete compressor kit (alternatively, the conversion to one turbocharger) are installed to significantly increase the power and efficiency of the engine. However, even if an engine has already left the factory with supercharging, changes are possible in the factory compressor modified becomes. The technology of the compressor is explained in more detail below.

Compressor upgrade kit - what does it bring?

2014 ford mustang engine vmp supercharger 3 More power Modify the compressor from the engine!

An upgrade kit for the factory compressor of a vehicle can lead to additional performance of 30 to 40 percent. A compressor upgrade set for the factory compressor can also be found under the name of compressor kit or the English term Supercharger Upgrade Kit and is usually offered for gasoline engines.

How does the compressor work?

The compressor ensures that air is blown into the intake tract. The air is first compressed and literally pushed into the intake ducts. The engine control unit measures the amount of air and adjusts the fuel injection. In simple terms, the additional air leads to more combustion and higher performance. The air is compressed by two paddle wheels in the compressor, which mesh with one another. The compressor works on a principle similar to that of a turbocharger. However, the turbocharger is driven by exhaust gases. The compressor, on the other hand, is installed as an additional motor vehicle part on the outside of the engine and is driven by the power of a V-ribbed belt. In contrast to a turbocharger, a compressor works with the engine starting at idling speed.

Advantages compressor vs. Turbocharger?

Tuning VTG Turbocharger Wastegate Turbocharger 2 More power Modify the compressor from the engine!

Turbochargers in older vehicle models work sluggishly, creating a so-called turbo lag, which even today is not yet 100% done away with. The exhaust gases used to operate the turbochargers only reach the required pressure and density at higher speeds. This means that the increase in performance is only noticed correctly at higher speeds. Modern turbochargers generally have less turbo lag and are becoming more and more common electrical helpers supported. Compressors, on the other hand, immediately increase performance and are also not driven by exhaust gases, but use the mechanical force of a V-ribbed belt.

Air compression can cause problems

Compressors compress air. The process causes a strong heating of the air. If the air is heated to a high temperature, the oxygen content drops and the combustion strength decreases accordingly. To get around the problem Intercooler used. These cool the air between the compressor and the engine and ensure an optimal proportion of oxygen.

What to look for when buying an upgrade set?

The new components for the compressor should be easy to install and not affect the running properties of the engine. Furthermore, the modified compressor should match the car model and be of high quality. The upgrade set should be purchased from specialist retailers and the installation must be carried out professionally. Furthermore, of course, the price-performance ratio has to be right. It should also be noted that the modification may increase fuel consumption and the new compressor may require more space. And one should distinguish which system is installed ex works. The screw compressor, which is often installed directly in the intake manifold, or the belt drive mentioned above, where the compressor sits on the engine block. Major changes to the compressor should also include a new exhaust system, connecting rods, pistons, injection system and a larger intercooler. Tuning experts can help you choose the right compressor kit to increase performance.

which components are used for the upgrade

Compressor pulley upgrade kit tuning e1582263406353 More power Modify the compressor from the engine!

The most common upgrade to a factory compressor is an enlarged pulley. It is often placed and fastened directly onto the crankshaft. But there are also variants that are pushed "over" the factory pulley and fastened with grub screws. Either way, the component should be manufactured using CNC technology in order to function perfectly. It is essential to ensure an optimal fit and perfect workmanship. If the larger pulley is installed, the translation changes and the boost pressure is increased. In addition, the standard V-ribbed belt is replaced by the one included in the upgrade set. This can already lead to an increase in performance of 10-30%. Of course, the result always depends on the vehicle and other components that may be changed at the same time. A new crankshaft pulley is often not permitted in the StVZO area. Here you either have to come to terms with not being allowed to move the vehicle in traffic or possibly register the increase in performance by means of individual acceptance. The provider should have information on this.

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Burnout instructions Cavalier start More power Modify the compressor from the engine!

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