Contactless unlocking / digital vehicle key: retrofitting?

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NFC technology auto e1633003498952 Contactless unlocking / digital vehicle key: retrofitting?

Depending on the manufacturer and the type of vehicle, modern cars have been opening and even starting with a smartphone for some time now. The car key is slowly but surely becoming obsolete. And in the future, smartphones will even open vehicles automatically so that the mobile phone can stay in your pocket. And the virtual keys can also be completely personalized, digitally shared with friends and acquaintances, or they can be assigned to specific locations. With the new systems, the smartphone has to be just be online when registering and implementing the key. For the actual function, on the other hand, it is sufficient if the smartphone has enough power. Factory-set solutions of this kind should become common in Europe from 2022.

Open the door using NFC technology

But there are already similar functions ex works! Some current vehicles can already use NFC technology (Near-Field-Communication) and the smartphone or an NFC sticker can be opened and sometimes also started. The mobile phone is simply held to the door handle and off you go. But the systems work just with new vehicles and can do not retrofit. Are there any other solutions here? Maybe a smartphone system can do that retrofitted be? Yes and no! Some third-party providers have more or less effective systems that replace or at least expand the vehicle key. If you want to retrofit such a function, you need a smartphone and, for example, the Bluetooth module from Mobile Enhancement Specialist for the OBD connection.

NFC technology auto 5 Contactless unlocking / digital vehicle key: retrofitting?

With the module "Premium Bluetooth Passive Keyless Entry“Mobile Enhancement Specialist is said to be able to convert any modern vehicle with central locking. If the smartphone with the app installed on it comes close to the vehicle, it can be unlocked using a smartphone. In order to unlock the vehicle, there is no need to press a button in the app. You don't even have to take the phone out of your pocket. However, unlike the solutions offered by some automakers, the version offered by the Mobile Enhancement Specialist still requires the car can be started with the key.

further solutions from Bosch & Co.

The Bosch Perfectly Keyless System is another option. Perfectly Keyless is a keyless vehicle access system. The digital key on the mobile phone enables passive vehicle access and also allows starting from the car. You can even activate other users for the vehicle via the app. This works by sending an additional key via the cloud.

Proximity sensors and a control unit are installed for use. The sensors check the distance from the cell phone to the car. The control unit manages the digital security keys and enables smooth communication between smartphone, cloud and the system in the vehicle. And with Perfectly Keyless, it is also sufficient to have your smartphone with you. The vehicle key will not required.

The Flinkey System!

Flinkey is a smart solution! Vehicles should help us to be mobile quickly and flexibly. This is exactly where the small black box from Witte Digital supports. Because this optimizes the vehicle allocation. The concept is basically something for fleets and vehicle fleets. Business processes are thus possible more effectively.

Flinkey keyless e1633003433602 Contactless unlocking / digital vehicle key: retrofit?

Where efficiency starts, safety does not slow down!

Flinkey opens doors and new possibilities. So the Key handover path. use car sharing becomes even easier with it, for example. And it doesn't take long to find the location of the car. Spontaneous journeys are thus possible. The vehicles can also be used for test drives outside of the dealership's opening hours. The rental of vehicles is checked and unused vehicles are documented. The app uses a technology that communicates with an intelligent access system. This enables flexible and mobile use.

This is how Flinkey works

The vehicle must come with the box including the key be installed in the car. The system used is therefore flexible. And it can also be used for older vehicles. The car only needs to have central locking. The program saves the GPS position. This effectively makes fleet management possible. But not only that, also other services like one Trunk delivery can be offered like this. Vehicle rental can also be made easier. There is also theft insurance so that nothing goes wrong. This applies to a current value of 50.000 euros. In the past, planning not only took a long time for logistical reasons, it also made a job with a salary necessary. Flinkey is much more efficient for corporate fleets, craftsmen, car sharing, car rentals, and car dealerships.

Smart implementation and attractive application

The box can easily be placed in any car. This eliminates the need for expensive dismantling of the car key, and assembly can also be saved. The installation of the box takes just 3 minutes. The best thing is, then you can start immediately. The mobile key is controlled by an app. Allocation and authorization can be quickly regulated with this.

Cell phone and box communicate without internet connection via bluetooth. The mechanism activates the opening / closing of the vehicle key. It is safe and free from interference. The storage is robust and can also be used for days without electricity. It is charged via a 12-volt connection in the car. Interfaces are used so that a modular structure is possible. Thus, a wide variety of user requirements can be made possible.

There are systems, but the insurance companies are bitchy!

So currently there are already some options for this function to retrofit. However, many insurance companies are still standing across the board. If a retrofitting of a keyless entry is planned, this should be discussed in advance with the insurance company. Especially when a simple one OBD dongle makes unlocking from the vehicle possible or even if a second key is permanently installed in the vehicle, then you should consult with the insurance company with regard to the Insurance Cover keep. You should also consider whether the security risk justifies the installation at all. But one thing is a fact: Using apps instead of keys is the future. Because let's be honest, who doesn't have a cell phone with them every day? The key is just an unnecessary burden.

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NFC technology auto e1633003498952 Contactless unlocking / digital vehicle key: retrofitting?

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