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Faster to operating temperature - the winter glare!

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Winter cover Winter pad grille cover e1574055561124 The winter cover quicker to operating temperature!

You are looking for a way to get your diesel engine warmer in winter faster? In addition, he should not drive downhill again when going downhill? Then a grille cover may be interesting for you. The article also known as winter or winter pad works is a kind of frost protection cover for all that is behind the radiator grill located. Thanks to the winter trim, the diesel engine can be kept warmer. When gasoline is such a cold protection, also known as frost protection for the grille, not absolutely necessary. But depending on the location he can also make sense there. For example, in extremely cold regions such as in Siberia.

Why a diesel necessary?

Winter cover Winter pad grille cover 5 The winter cover on operating temperature faster!
Cardboard as a cheap solution - not a permanent condition

Gasoline engines usually do not require a winter orifice, because the combustion temperature of the gasoline is higher than the combustion temperature of the diesel. And this gasoline engine almost always has the higher speed. The gasoline engine thus generates more engine heat. Of course, the heat also reaches the cooling water. In a diesel, the heating power can sometimes be significantly worse than a petrol engine. Therefore, diesel vehicles have almost always installed an electric auxiliary heater which should be supportive. But such an additional heater quickly reaches its limits due to its design. So worth the grille cover for your diesel? The winter trim is particularly useful for short-distance drivers, so that the heating can provide more quickly for heat.

Radiator grille cover - which variants are there?

Winter cover Winter pad grille cover 3 The winter cover on operating temperature faster!

The grille cover has many terms. It is also discussed by grill panel, frost protection cover for the grille and cold protection for the grille. In winter, a grille cover for diesel drivers is interesting. In the trade, the grill panels are available for certain vehicle models. The matching covers for the grille, for example, be made of plastic. Plastic has the advantage of being more robust than other materials used on the grille cover. In Internet forums but also read that, for example, cardboard is used to cover. However, this is not winterized or weatherproof and quickly gets wet and then decays. The same applies to a newspaper. The more durable grille cover is therefore a plastic variant.

Radiator grille cover - what to look for when buying?

Winter cover Winter pad grille cover 2 e1574055969267 The winter cover quicker to operating temperature!

When buying a cover for the grille, attention should be paid to matching items. The articles are available for many car models in an ideal fit. In addition to the fit, the material is important. When buying should be paid to weather-resistant material properties. A grille cover is mainly used in winter in diesel. The articles can be used for a warmer engine (faster operating temperature, more constant operating temperature, less engine wear) and ensure optimum heating performance in the car. If you drive a lot of short distances with your diesel, then such a cover is advisable. Cardboard is the sole material for a grille cover. Cardboard becomes moist and can only be used for a short time. Although suitable for emergencies, but not for constant use. Plastic, on the other hand, is robust and can be used for a long time. If you are looking for a grille cover that fits exactly to your car, then you can get advice on suitable models in a workshop. On the Internet, offers are also available at a good price-performance ratio. Custom-fit covers are either put on the grille, but you can also completely replace the grille. In addition, there is the essay / cover also for the front apron, Depending on the type of vehicle, it may also be necessary to cover the air intake of the skirt to achieve better heat output and faster operating temperature.

At the end... A grille cover is often used on diesel cars and should make the engine warm up faster in cold winter air. When buying, it is important to pay attention to optimum fit and weather-resistant material. If the outside temperatures are no longer well below zero degrees, the covers should be removed to prevent overheating of the engine. 

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Winter cover Winter pad grille cover 4 The winter cover on operating temperature faster!

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