Swivel seat - Mobility despite limited mobility

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Swivel cushions Swivel seat Easy-entry swivel seat Mobility despite limited flexibility

If you are physically limited and still want to be mobile, then you can integrate a turn or swivel seat in your vehicle. Also for the passenger, there are seats that represent a major advantage when entering and exiting. Which different seating options are available and what you should pay attention to, you will find in the following article.

Rotary or swivel seat makes sense?

Swivel cushions Swivel seat Easy access 3 Swivel seat Mobility despite limited mobility

There are different seats available for people with physical ailments. All have a common goal in the concept of facilitating boarding and alighting. If you have limited mobility, you can rely on a variety of fixed integrated seats and rotating cushions, which are manually or electrically adjustable. And as usual in the accessories industry, the selection is extremely large. But what types of swivel and swivel seats are there to buy concretely? If you want to retrofit a swivel or swivel seat on the driver or passenger side, then you have many options.

  • Schwenkhubsitz:

A swivel lift seat rotates completely out of the body and enables wheelchair users and people with motor deficits to get in and out easily. The extended swivel lift seat can be lowered and raised using a remote control and offers the driver or front passenger great added value. The entire sequence of movements can be programmed and enables the user to take the best position. There is more about this in our report on patient lift.

  • Wheelchair swivel seat:

These seats can be placed equally on the wheelchair and in the car. For this purpose, the attached to the wheelchair wheelchair seat, with a few simple steps, inserted into the vehicle and attached to the swivel platform. The wheelchair user experiences the maximum freedom by being able to handle the process himself. This variant is especially suitable for large vehicles, SUVs or vans. Again, there is more info in our report on patient lift.

  • Rotary pad:

The conventional rotary pillow is suitable for people who are somewhat limited in mobility, but not dependent on a wheelchair. The rotary cushion turns with the own body movement in the desired direction. It simply rests on the standard, integrated seat and is transportable. It can be used for all positions in the car, whether front or rear. However, the pillow must be completely free to work. It must not knock on the backrest and lateral licking on the thigh support should be avoided. As a result, the seat can be permanently damaged and the function of the rotary cushion is at worst no longer available. A rotary cushion should facilitate the exit and not complicate it.

  • Electric swivel seat / swivel seat:

The seat cannot be moved completely out of the vehicle, but it rotates far enough out of the body so that it is easy to get in and out of the vehicle. Several electric motors work together here. Each movement of the electric seat can be preset. The models are often designed for low vehicles, e.g. limousines or station wagons. And one is of great help too Robotic arm for loading from a wheelchair. more information is available here.

What to consider when turning or swivel seat?

If you plan to retrofit a swivel seat, remember that not all seats are compatible with your vehicle. You should read the product information carefully or ask a specialist who gives you comprehensive advice and selects a suitable turn or swivel seat for your vehicle model. In many models, the existing seat must be retrofitted and it may be that one Seat rail extension must be installed. Some models are best for two-door vehicles, others allow only driver side mounting. Let yourself be thoroughly advised and read the customer reviews carefully so that you find the best turn-pivot seat for the car. PS. One of the companies that do special conversions for people with disabilities is Paravan. The is a prime example of what is possible Mercedes Sprinter from Janis McDavid.

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Swivel cushions Swivel seat Easy access 4 Swivel seat Mobility despite limited mobility

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